2008 BMW Ultimate Drive

The BMW Ultimate Drive benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation’s fight against Breast Cancer. Back in 2003, I participated in this event and had a blast rolling around in a Z3 with the top down. This year, I am hoping to participate again since its been quite some time. BMW donates $1 dollar for every mile you drive on your behalf. You even get to put your signature in one of the cars at the end of your drive. There is no cost for this event. It is pretty much an event for BMW to have you get to know their cars while doing something charitable. My test drive was solo, meaning no sales guy rolling with me. HURRAY! Lotta fun. Southern California registration begins in a couple weeks so be sure to sign up. Here is a road map of the dates and location the events will be held this year.

BMW Ultimate Drive Road Map

Learn more about the Susan G. Komen for the Cure at komen.org

It’s for a good cause, so if you can, make the time to do this. You’ll have fun and you’ll be helping a great cause. If you are considering a lease with BMW, this should not be missed. The drive is fairly long, not just around the block, so it will give you a nice feel for the car you could potentially get.

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