April 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Pontiac G8 GT

Based on the numbers quoted, I was able to do some reverse math and find out the money factor GM charges.

39mo/12k miles/yr – residual 53% – money factor .00276

This is by no means exact. Also this is taking in consideration a $500 rebate GM offers to non-GM owners. There is an extra $500 you can get if you are a current GM customer. Making it a grand total of $1000.

The dealer didn’t provide me with any discounts off MSRP (on top of the rebate). Of course, I never asked. I simply figured that they wouldn’t since the car was just released and its in limited quantities. I also didn’t feel like haggling since I had no intention of making an immediate purchase.

The lesson here is this, you can get WAY better lease deals from imports. If you have to have American, GM in particular, buy it, don’t lease it.

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