Giving New Meaning to the letter “R”

In the auto world, “R” is synonymous with speed, sport and/or racing. Unfortunately, for this day in age, the only think that pops into our heads is Recession. With the Fed’s finally “getting” the hint, its pretty much official. The auto world seems to be suffering quite heavily due to the credit crunch. Last night while watching the news, it seems auto sales have dropped significantly (click for story).
As unfortunate it is for them, it is a blessing for those of us who are seeing their first or their next ride. Chances are, auto makers will have to begin pitching better incentives to keep their cars moving since we’re approaching summer and their 2009 models will be arriving shortly. The last thing they want is to have the 09’s arrive and still have left over 07’s sitting in the lot (I know Chrysler still have some 07 around, I found a 07 Charger R/T last week for with a $9000 rebate, brand new too! ) No matter what car you want, there are deals to be had, just as long as you are not longing for something exotic or high in demand (3-series for example) .

Want to know how big of an impact this will have on our economy? Read
the link below:

Auto sector feels pinch of credit crunch

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