May 2008 Lease Rate for 08 VW Jetta

Jetta GLI
36mo/15k miles per year – residual 52% – money factor .00050

Jetta S
36mo/15k miles per year – residual 57% – money factor .00111

cash incentive: $1000

My Take: The New(er) Jetta has grown up compared to the last generation. Much like the new Accord, the Jetta has put on some weight and expanded both in length and width. (Sounds like me as I get older). The money factor is very good right now, the $1000 cash incentive is icing on the cake. The residual on the GLI could be better, but your money factor is next to nothing.  If you can negotiate a good selling price, this is not a bad ride to get. VW is pretty much pitching the $1000 as “sign and drive”, so they just use the cash incentive to cover your drive-off. Not bad if you want to get into a ride with no money to start.

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