New Quotes Are In. The List Narrows.

First things first. I got quotes for the Mazda CX-7 GT and the Honda Accord V6 Coupe. Here is the quick breakdown:


Term- 36mo/12k miles/yr
MSRP – $31,740
Cap Cost- $29,064 ($30 bucks over invoice, nice)
Residual- 54%
MF- 0.00094
Other- $750 rebate (altho I’m now told is $700, fiiiisshhhy)

Honda Accord V6 Coupe

Term- 36mo/12k miles/yr
MSRP- $28,945
Cap Cost- $26970 ($700 over invoice, I think they could do better, this ain’t no BMW after all)
Residual- 58%
MF- 0.00245 (5.88%, oh that hurts so bad)

You can see the drive-off and the monthly numbers on the “Recent Quotes” panel on the right hand side of this page.

My thoughts…I would have pulled off the deal for the Accord Coupe TODAY if the MF was lower (around 2-2.5%) and if they would get a bit closer to invoice (maybe no more than $200 over). But alas, you can’t have it all and I have no intention to negotiate at the moment. The thing is, even if I pushed for invoice on the Accord, I’d still be paying $399 after taxes. The Acura TL is still looking mighty fine right about now.

As far as narrowing the list, I’ve canned the Lexus IS250 because all local Lexus dealer sites don’t show inventory online, so I can’t get a “realistic” quote for a specific car they have on their lot. Plus, its sorta underpowered in my opinion.

My goal is to get the best ride for $400 a month after tax. Right now, pretty much all quotes I’ve gotten, except for the TL, are WAY over. I got some wiggle room though, I don’t need a 12k mile lease, I can do 10k since I live pretty close to work (12 mile round trip), I am willing to pay all fees upfront (1st month, tags, doc, bank fee, tires, etc…) as long as it doesn’t exceed $1200. So with a little help from the Money Factor and Residual faeries, I think I can pull this off.

Who’s In:
Accord Cpe (still in, for now, I really dig the looks)
CX-7 GT (I might opt for the Touring or Sport to cut costs if necessary)
Who’s Out:
Altima Cpe
Camry SE

The Infiniti EX35 looks sort of lease worth right now, so I might inquire about it.
Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “New Quotes Are In. The List Narrows.

  1. you are giving in, i have read your previous threads-get it together son… am willing to pay all fees upfront (1st month, tags, doc, bank fee, tires, etc…) as long as it doesn’t exceed $1200. So with a little help from the Money Factor and Residual faeries, I think I can pull this off.
    although you are willing, don’t start by telling them that, play it to the last minute but then we are going to have to go back to some threads and make some corrections….Hang tight, keep your compulsion and your money in your pocket, not theirs.

  2. That will be worth considering specially since you are willing to go with a low milage lease that could help you….I’m talking about the EX35…the base model with RWD invoice is at $29,607. For me like I have mentioned before, I would do a low milage lease for an Acura RDX with an invoice of $31,220 and includes all the bells and whistles. Honda Financial should be able give you a good rate on a low milage lease for the RDX, have you inquired recently, I know we have covered in the past. the only good thing about going with the Mazda SUV is that they wont give you too much bolonie when turning in your mazda since you are keeping it in the family. My personal favorite, RDX…standard equipment include leather, xeons, bluetooth, 360 Watt xm 6cd radio, moonroof, 18″ alloys, AWD, limited slip differential, memorized settings for 2, to name a few… and your maintance will be to just put gas and change the oil every 3000 miles-that’s it. If I was ever to let go of my Mini Cooper S, this would be my hands down choice…I actually inquired about it about 1 1/2 years ago but it was still fairly new and way to high for purchase.. I’m SOLD!!!

  3. Haha. Yeah I’m totally cracking right now. I gotta get it together. The allure of the G37 is too high. (Saw one yesterday and couldn’t help staring) Yeah, I’m torn about the down payment really. I hate having to put it down, but at the same time I hate having to get charged interest for stupid stuff like doc fee and bank fee. At the same time, the less I spend the better. This car is definitely tough to negotiate, best I have heard thus far is $250 over invoice for any G35/G37. There is this dealer (about 1 hr away) that’s says he’s willing to do $200 under invoice, but he won’t actually quote me the payments. Kind of sleezy. I won’t mention any names until AFTER the purchase.
    Overall, you are right about the RDX being the better deal than the EX35. The EX35 is not lease worthy because the residual is pretty bad compared to the RDX. Problem is, my Acura dealer gives me crap for trade-ins. The other closest one (Cerritos Acura) are sleeze-bags. I won’t even let them service my TSX. Thats how much I hate them. This is gonna take some more time it seems. It’s obvious I’m going to have to go into the dealer to have them appraise my Mazda. So I will see what happens this weekend.

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