“Ride With G” Gets It’s Own Domain!

Woot! Thanks to the overwhelming use of the site in it’s two months in existence, I decided to pony up some cash and buy my own domain (instead of mooching off the whitecarrot.com domain). What this means to you, my readers, is that you can now access this site by just typing ridewithg.com or www.ridewithg.com. For those still using the ridewithg.whitecarrot.com address, you can continue to do so since I don’t plan on changing it.

I hope the site is a tad easier to remember now and access. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest on a new domain name because I simply wasn’t sure if people would even visit this website. I changed my mind after notice hundreds of people visiting the site everyday (I know its not THAT much, but it’s enough to get me motivated to help folks with leasing info and to keep scouring the web and dealerships for rates).

Special shout out to Onequi for contributing with comments, advice and overall involvement with my site.
Hope to see more peeps open up to post questions or comments on my posts. I know you’re all out there, don’t be shy, I don’t bite. 🙂



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