RIDE with G37

It’s official folks!!! I’m the proud new lessee of a 2008 Ivory Pearl Infiniti G37. I did not get the Journey trim with the Premium, Sports or Tech package, instead I opted for the base model. Here are my reasons for doing so:

  • The residual value of the base model IS higher than the Journey or the Sport. That means, I save money.
  • The difference between a base G37 and a G37 Journey + Premium is well over $4,000. That translates to about $40-$50 more per month on the G37 Journey + Premium.
  • The Base model does come with a decent assortment of features, but I still get the same 330hp engine.
  • At 39 months and 12k miles per year (39k at lease end), the car will lease at UNDER $400 a month with about $1000 down (maybe less).
  • A G35 Journey + Premium would have cost me another $18 bucks more per much, not bad, but I really wanted the 2-door.

Overall, I’m pleased. The car is fun and I didn’t have to go down to a 10,000 mile per year lease to save more money. Sure I could have shaved another $9-$10 bucks off the payment by doing so, but I get the feeling I will be doing a lot of driving. 😀

This quick picture I took is inside my garage. My wife says its pretty ghetto (I agree), so I’ll post better pictures when I can find a better place to take them.

As far as the details of the lease, I’ll provide those in a couple days. It’s been an eventful weekend, I’ve trying to recover from a cold and I have tons of things to do still, but it will get done sooner rather than later.

What happened to the Mazda CX-7? Well, I decided not to lease it because I didn’t enjoy dealing with the Internet Sales Manager over at Long Beach Mazda. I hate it when people beat around the bush when I ask specific questions. When I ask “What is your bank fee and doc fee?”, just answer the freaking question. Don’t say to me “It’s covered by the rebate” What does it matter? I didn’t ask if it was covered by the rebate. If you can’t answer my question, that means you got something to hide; if you got something to hide, that means I don’t deal with you. Case closed. Looks like I will have to create a blacklist of dealerships to avoid.

3 thoughts on “RIDE with G37

  1. THANKS!!!! Yeah few bucks more haha…times $20,000 haha. Love the GT-R though, maybe one day I shall blog my quest for obtaining one. At least that’s more “realistic” than getting a Gallardo or RS8.

    I will work on getting that picture this week. The garage just doesn’t allow for many angles, specially with my wife’s car in the way. LOL

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