Test Drive: Infiniti G35 and G37

Over the weekend, I test drove the G35 Journey + Premium and the G37 Base. I’m still very torn as to which I’d like to take home. Based on the quotes I’ve been getting, the G37 Base seems seems to lease a little bit better due to a higher residual value. It’s been such a dilemma for me lately that I decided to write a comparison which you can read below.

Performance: In everyday driving, the extra 30hp that the G37 provides is not very noticeable. They both provide a lot of low-end torque and potent acceleration. The steering on both vehicles is very light and nimble, making them both a pleasure to drive. Edge: Tie

Exterior Styling – In terms of exterior styling, the G37 has a lower profile, smooth lines and aggressive stance. The G35, compared to the G37, look a bit pudgy. Edge: G37

Interior Styling – They look very similar inside. The fit and finish is great and the materials are massively upgraded from the previous generation of the G-series. A 7″ info screen doubles as a video screen if you decide to hook up a dvd player or a gaming console to it using AV jacks. Video will not work while the vehicle is in motion, however, I’m sure the after-market community has found a way to by pass that. Edge: Tie.

Driver Comfort – I prefer the driving position of the G37. There is a difference since the G37 sits a bit lower and it makes me feel like I fit into the cockpit vs being on top of it. Edge: G37

Passenger Comfort – The G35 excels here obviously since it’s a 4-door sedan. There is more head room in the back and it’s easy to get in and out. This is not to say that the G37 is extremely uncomfortable for passengers, the main issue I have noticed is that rear windshield extends further up into the roof, exposing rear passengers’ head in direct sunlight. This makes for a very hot ride during the summer season. Edge: G35

Creature Comforts – Having a premium package on the G35 Journey certainly adds a load of fancy features such as moonroof, bluetooth, ipod control integration, dual climate controls, auto steering tilt, etc. Not to say the G37 base is poorly equipped, but having the premium package does add quite a few “bells and whistles”. Edge: G35

Trunk Space – Surprisingly enough, the G35’s trunk isn’t THAT big, but certainly at least 33% bigger than the G37. They are very similar in width and length dimensions, however, the G35’s trunk is a bit deeper than the G37s. Edge: 35

Price – The G37 has a MSRP of $35,215 and a sale price of $32,916. The G35, on the other hand, has a MSRP of $35,665 and sale price of $32,993. Unfortunately, due to lower residual value, the G35 will cost anywhere from $10-$22 dollars more per month, depending on the term and mileage you choose. Apparently the insurance increase is insignificant (about $3 per month), making the G37 base cheaper to lease. However, this won’t be the case if you opt for the G37 Journey + Premium or any other trim for that matter. Edge: G37

Overall, some of these categories tend to favor sedans over coupes (such as trunk space and passenger comfort), making the G35 the obvious choice. If you are usually the only one in the car, don’t carry passengers or pick up people at the airport on a regular basis, the coupe is certainly the more “driver oriented” of the two. As for me, my heart tells me the G37 is what I want, but the G35’s premium package is enticing me to reconsider. I could opt for the G37 Journey with Premium, but that will set me back another $40+ a month, which is about $2000 more over the life of the lease.

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