Turn-in Inspections SUCK!

On Monday I called up my leasing bank (US Bank) and request for a turn-in inspection. I’m about 2.5 months from the last payment of my lease, so I figured that it’d be safe to do it. Oh boy was I wrong! They told me that I have to be within 45 days of turn-in date and the inspection is only valid for up to 60 days. I don’t understand why there’s that 2-month window if I can’t turn it in any sooner than 45 days before the turn-in date. Basically, I have to have pay-off the entire lease before I can actually get my inspection. So if i want to get it inspected now, I have to payoff the balance of the loan. That really pisses me off. This pretty much ruins my plan you see. I was trying to do find out how much damage and wear and tear I’m responsible for and see if it makes more sense to trade-in the car (and take some negative equity if necessary) instead of waiting until lease end and paying for the disposition fee ($395) and whatever damage/wear and tear there is. Normally, I take excellent care of my rides, but the Mazda3 in particular went through an accident 1 week after I got it, wasn’t put back together properly (Curse you Mercury Insurance and your cheap repair shops). Add in the fact that it’s been dinged to death in parking lots and this ride just makes my blood boil, not in a good way.

2 thoughts on “Turn-in Inspections SUCK!

  1. make your deal, after and right before ready to sign the dotted line tell the dealer you have a trade. it’s a lease. they ussually take it to their repair shop for an adjustment price they will give you a price based on KBB and you pay the negative equity on it and drive away with your new Mini Cooper S. Ohhh wait, that would probably only work if you are getting another mazda? hmmmm….Maybe you can take to carmax, see what they tell you, get a free 7 day quote, it will be like a pre turn in inspection. who knows maybe they got a G35 and a desperate finance manager that is willing to negotiate and take over your mazda? BUT then you got to buy…ahhh just take over for the inspection and see if they do it..worth a try. get an idea….

  2. Yeah I was thinking about doing that. See what kind of offer I can get. I know the residual is 7700 right now. So as long as they come close to that, I just might pull the trigger. Too bad about the Carmax thing though, the only dealer here sells Dodge/Chrysler…those don’t lease well at all.

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