2009 Mazda6 In Da House!

A couple months ago, I wrote a post regarding the Mazda6 and how it’s totally redesigned and looking more “mature”. And like all things “mature”, it put on some weight too. To compensate for that, Mazda bumped up the power on the engines. Very American of them! I can’t complain, I’m a power junkie. If Mazda wants to live up to their “zoom-zoom” slogan, they had better inject some of it on the 6, otherwise people will keep on driving Chevy Malibus, Honda Accords and Toyota Camrys.

You should really head over to Edmunds for the “test drive” article regarding the Mazda6. Don’t forget to check out the pics of the interior. WAY nicer than before. I can only imagine what the Mazdaspeed6 is going to be down the road…I bet the “drool-factor” will be very high. 😀

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One thought on “2009 Mazda6 In Da House!

  1. Not a big fan of it growing larger… this car was sharing a platform with the european Mondeo. The old 6 had that fun to drive factor that is missing from the camery and american accord. Now they are leaving the platform with an American only version thats ummmm bigger. Yay. And to make up for the extra weight we will throw some more displacment at, with fuel being so cheap and all.
    On the other hand…I guess this fits into the equation of people getting out of SUV’s and into sedans. Americans gotta have their big cars some how 🙂
    Sorry for the rant G.

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