June 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Honda Accord EX-L

2008 Honda Accord Sedan EX-L
36mo/12k – residual 60% – money factor .00200

2008 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L w/Nav
24mo/12k – residual 64% – money factor .00350
36mo/12k – residual 55% – money factor .00250
48mo/12k – residual 46% – money factor .00235

My Take: If had to pick between the TSX and the Accord, I’d go with the TSX. Longer warranty and sportier. In all honesty, the new Accord Sedans are ugly to me. They borrow too much from the BMW 5-series in terms of it’s styling, which is very unoriginal. The lease looks alright for the month. Residual value remains strong and the money factor is a tad lower than their standard rate (as seen on the coupe). If you need a fuel efficient car with room for 5 adults, this is your ride.

2 thoughts on “June 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Honda Accord EX-L

  1. Just a note – today is 7/24/08, and I was quoted a MF on this car of .00186 on a 36 month lease. Quite a bit different than shown above, and I’m not really sure why.

    Is this something that varies from region (or dealer) to region?

  2. Hi Chris,
    the rates your are responding to are from June. So Honda has actually improved them to the stated MF you were quoted. They do change from month-to-month most of the time.
    The rates do vary from some regions to regions. For example, on the CRV, I was quoted .0028 for all of California. In MD, the one of my readers got quoted .0031. While the “standard” rate was .0027. Granted, all dealers can pad their MF numbers and those numbers also vary depending on your credit.

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