June 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Honda Element

Element EX
24mo/12k – Residual 60% – Money Factor .00350
36mo/12k – Residual 54% – Money Factor .00250
48mo/12k – Residual 45% – Money Factor .00235

Element LX
24mo/12k – Residual 63% – Money Factor .00350
36mo/12k – Residual 56% – Money Factor .00250
48mo/12k – Residual 47% – Money Factor .00235

My Take For those outdoorsmen(women) out there, you may want to hold out for better rates on the Element. There currently isn’t any lease support for these models. I personally like this car more than the Scion xB (which is really ugly in my opinion). It’s not to say that the Element is pretty, it’s not. However, Element is versatile and spacious and it comes in 4WD, which makes a it a decent alternative to compact SUVs.

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