June 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Hummer H3

36mo/12k – lease rate 2.75% ( 0.00115) – residual 60%
36mo/15k – lease rate 2.75% ( 0.00115) – residual 58%

My Take: Haahaa. 60% and 58% residuals for a car that may be discontinued in the near future? I guess it could become a collectors item…then again, gas prices will probably dictate it’s value down the road, which isn’t looking very good right now. If you plan on leasing a Hummer, the numbers are really good right now, but you will probably end up paying all that back in gas. Hopefully, you don’t have to commute far if you decide to get one of these behemoths. Expect lease payments of around high-300s to low 400s with the typical drive-off.

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