May 2008 Lease Rates for 08 Lexus IS

First off, sorry for the delay, totally forgot to post this a few weeks ago. These rates may very well still be applicable since its the only the beginning of June. I’ll do my best to keep up in the future. I just got carried away this month since I was too busy cutting a deal on my own car 😛

Lexus IS250

36mo/12k – money factor .00135 – residual 56%
36mo/15k – money factor .00135 – residual 54%

Lexus IS250 AWD

24mo/15k – money factor .00135 – residual 60%
36mo/15k – money factor .00135 – residual 54%

Lexus IS350

36mo/12k – money factor .00185 – residual 54%

My Take: The IS is a VERY nice car at all levels (Quality, fit, finish, style). The one flaw I can’t get over is the fact that their entry level IS250 is way underpowered for the price tag. Sure, performance isn’t everything, but at low 30ks, the car is pretty “bare”. If I had to pick between my base G37 and the base IS250…well, you already know what I picked so no point asking that question. 😛 The money factor is pretty low right now, but the residual for 36mo is pretty bad for a Lexus. I was expecting more in the high 50% range for a 12k mile lease. It is a Lexus after all. If had gone with Lexus at all, I would have opted for the IS350. Problem is, that car doesn’t lease too well. I think a G35/G37 similarly equipped would run a bit lower.

2 thoughts on “May 2008 Lease Rates for 08 Lexus IS

  1. Anyone know why they aren’t leaseing well? The residuals seem too low in my opinion. It looks like their resell value is right up there with bmw and infiniti. I don’t get it. If BMW inflates their residuals then Lexus is the polar opposite deflating theirs.
    I test drove the 250 when they first came out. My problem with the IS is the feeling at the wheel. It just feels kinda dead. To disconected from the pavement. Maybe the 350 is better but the 250 I test drove just felt kinda blah. I do agree though…Gorgious car inside and out.

  2. I’ve very surprised to see their residual value being as low as they are. I think it probably has to do with sheer volume of IS’ rolling around on the streets. The more, the lower the residual. At work, we have 2 or 3 IS250 on the lot.
    I’m not surprised that the IS isn’t a “driver’s” car. Toyota for some reason, just doesn’t seem to be able to make cars for drivers. They sure know care about the passengers tho. haha.

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