July 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Nissan Altima

2008 Nissan Altima S Sedan
24 Month – Residual 64% of MSRP – .00087 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 55% of MSRP – .00087 Base Rate

* Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year. Add 2% to Residual for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms
** Rates provided by Tarry Shebesta from Leasecompare.com

My Take The Altima’s 24-36mo leases are looking pretty decent right now. Remember that your residual value jump 2% from the posted numbers if you choose to go with the 12k mile yearly allowance instead of the 15k, which can save you substantial amounts of cash.

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