July 2008 Lease Rate for 08 Toyota Tundra

My Take: Looks like Toyota is trying to push their Tundra trucks on leases. The 24mo and 36mo rates seem to be the winners here. I’ve never been a big fan of trucks. Is not that I don’t find them useful, they are very practical after all. The main issue is that when you become a truck owner, and everyone you know knows this, you become the designated “mover” or “truck lender” among your friends and family. Eh, no thanks. So lets take a look at the numbers shall we?

  • Limited 4dr CrewMax Cab SB (5.7L) with moonroof, running boards, tow mirrows and TRD offroad pkg.
  • MSRP $40,140
  • Invoice $36,367
  • Using rates in BOLD
  • Standard inception fees apply, taxes not included.

24 Month Payments: $585 at invoice, $744 at MSRP
36 Month Payments: $479 at invoice, $586 at MSRP

Wow, never knew trucks could cost so much. In any case, the 36-month lease seems to look significantly better than the 24-month lease. You can probably opt for a “cheaper” model and the payments should drop further.

2008 Toyota Tundra CrewMax 5.7L 2WD
24 Month – Residual 58% of MSRP – .00066 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 51% of MSRP – .00066 Base Rate

48 Month – Residual 40% of MSRP – .00255 Base Rate

* Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year. Add 2% to Residual for 12k mi/yr and 3% for 10k mi/yr on all terms
** Rates provided by Tarry Shebesta from Leasecompare.com

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