Update: Lease Calculator v1.2

I’ve made some changes to the lease calculator, so be sure get the newer/updated version. This version includes a couple of changes:

  • Added “Total Taxes on Down Payment”. This shows how much taxes you will owe if you put XYZ down to reduce the cap cost. That number is them added to the “Due at Signing” field.
  • Acq/Bank fees and Dealer Doc fees are now taxable and is automatically added into the “due at signing” field.

So go ahead and download the new Lease Calculator to replace the old one. Please understand that not all states lease cars the same way. I do my best to “cater to the masses” but it’s practically impossible to cover all the different rules, taxes, etc… from each state.  So you may need to use the calculator “creatively” in order to get the desired results.

Special shout out to Dave ISM over at myG37.com for bringing this to my attention. Questions, comments, issues? Leave me a comment.

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