August 2008 Lease Rate for 09 Acura TSX

My Take: The TSX’s base rate isn’t very attractive this month. However, the residual remains “artificially” strong, making this car a fairly decent lease. Very well appointed as always, even without a Navi and Tech package. If you are considering a IS250, C300 or even a 328i, I would give the TSX a look as well since they fall under the same category, with the TSX being the cheaper of the bunch.

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  • TSX Base
  • MSRP $29,720
  • Invoice $27,381
  • Standard inception fees + tax not included
  • Residuals posted are for 15K miles/year.

2008 Acura TSX Base Sedan
36 Month – Residual 64% of MSRP – .00280 Base Rate

36mo Payment: $362 at invoice, $433 at MSRP

You’d be hard-pressed to get invoice pricing on the TSX right now since the car is relatively new. I don’t see too many on the road right now, maybe the same car twice around my neighborhood. The TSX is a great car, so low $400s per month isn’t too bad, but still a bit on the expensive side. Since all my estimates don’t include tax, your looking at mid $400s at MSRP. You can probably knock off $15 per month by opting for 12k miles a year, making things a tad cheaper.

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