GM Employee Pricing For EVERYONE!

By now you have probably seen the commercials. This program ends Sept 2nd 30th.  It is a good time to buy a GM vehicle. They aren’t all crappy cars…REALLY! It’s like picking apples, we know apples can be good, just make sure you don’t pick one with a worm in it.  GM is serious about pushing sales right now (they must be hurting real bad this quarter) because they are having a clearance on EVERYTHING that’s a 2008 ! YUP! you can get a hefty 10k off MSRP on the Corvette, yes, even the Z06. Some 2009 models are included, like the Cobalt and the Caddy CTS, HRR and Vibe (Toyota Matrix’s American relative). Looks like they aren’t holding back this time.

Click here to see available models and how much they are being discounted.

This is probably one of those few times when I’ll be pitching an American car, so at least take the time to check it out. I don’t recommend all GMs obviously, but in that list, there are a few cars I would personally like to have in my garage. Here’s a short list…

  • Caddy CTS
  • Chevy Corvette
  • Pontiac G8 GT
  • Saturn Sky Red Line (which happens to have an additional $500 bucks back)
  • Pontiac Solstice GXP ($500 bucks back too on top of the employee discount)
  • GMC Acadia ($1500 cash back + employee pricing)
  • Chevy Malibu

There are more cars on my list, but I am tired of listing them since they are re-badged versions of these same cars.

Now the questions is, does employee pricing + cashback work with leases? That I don’t know. Maybe a dealer might be kind enough to share some of that insight?

5 thoughts on “GM Employee Pricing For EVERYONE!

  1. I’m pretty sure that GMAC is is setting MF rates to the point where leasing is discouraged because of their crap residuals. Saw this on jalopnik: “they’re expected to tweak the terms on certain vehicles to make leases more expensive, in an effort to make buying more attractive.”

  2. Jeff: You are right about that. I’m just thinking that maybe the employee discount can offset the high MF and low residuals. I guess that’s wishful thinking. I don’t think GM wants their cars back, thats the problem. Thats too bad because they do have some decent models on their lineup.

    Max: Yeah I’m not a big fan of the Escalade to be honest with you. Actually, I don’t like full-sized SUV period. I rent them occasionally, when I go camping, but I wouldn’t want one on my driveway.

  3. Yeah G I know for a fact you cannot use the discount with the leases. I have a friend who owns a GM dealer and he told me so. GM wants you to buy the cars not lease them. They don’t want them back at the end of the lease. I don’t have to tell you why.

  4. Big O: Thanks for the 411. Leave it to GM to take a great thing such as employee pricing and mess it up by not allowing leases. I can understand SUVs, but the more fuel efficient cars? Lame. Oh well…

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