Quality Issues at Chrysler? Yes Indeed!

From the AP…

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – Chrysler LLC’s manufacturing chief says the company is working with great energy and speed to fix its quality problems, but the payoff hasn’t shown up yet in external quality studies.

Frank Ewasyshyn, executive vice president of manufacturing, said Monday that many problems reported in such studies have to do with perceived quality issues, such as ride and handling, or interiors with too many hard surfaces. In each case, the company is working hard to fix the problems, he said.

The number of actual mechanical problems has dropped and is much lower than it has been in the past, he said.


No surprise there! This reminds me, some time ago, I got a video clip from BOUNCEwithB, one of our fellow contributors, showing us first hand what “Quality” issues Mr Frank Ewasyshyn is talking about. I’ll get around to posting that video, so bare with me. Definitely worthwhile!  In a way, I feel bad kicking them while they are down, but “Quality” seems to be the forgotten word when times are good. That goes for pretty much every manufacturer.

One thought on “Quality Issues at Chrysler? Yes Indeed!

  1. G, Since the video I’ve developed a horrible squeaking sound coming from the driver’s seat. It is a noise that would normally only come from an old wooden rocker. Somehow Chrysler has manged to capture this sound and activate it when going over the smallest of road imperfections.
    I’m about to empty a can of WD40 under the seat in hopes of quieting this “quality” feature.
    Good luck Mr. Frank.

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