The 2008 Short Bus (BOUNCEwithB’s new 08 Cooper S)

Here he is all clean and purty.  My only complaint so far is the harsh runflats.  Thanks to Adam @ Brian Harris Mini for the excellent experience and the free floor mats.

Used the lease figures from G’s June post for the Cooper S.  Got 16k for my GTI.  Security deposit waived, approx 700 down to cover title, license, first month’s payment.  Right under $400/month for 36 months.

Mellow Yellow 1Mellow Yellow 2

Mellow Yellow 3Mellow Yellow 4

2 thoughts on “The 2008 Short Bus (BOUNCEwithB’s new 08 Cooper S)

  1. Congrats B! Looks so sweet! Nice and shiny too! NICE! Very nice price, certainly nice to be able to use June’s residuals. Hehe. Saves a good chunk of change.

  2. Thanks G. Yep I’m glad I locked those June numbers. Saved a few bucks on the monthly note.
    ps. I’m having a problem emailing you from my Gmail account. Keeps getting kicked back. Will try from my work account later.

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