Back from My Break

For those who didn’t notice, I was away on some R&R from Friday until Today. I’m really sorry if I didn’t get around to answer some of your posts promptly. Hopefully, nothing too urgent happened over the Holiday weekend.

Well, it was an exciting weekend, I got some rest, ate well and laid out by the pool. My G37 also got up close and personal with a big boulder. I won’t get into details as to how that happened, lets just say a new grille and bumper are in order…I’d take pics and post them, but it pains me to even look at the poor thing. LOL. I also participated on a Labor Day parade, which was televised. Unfortunately, our footage didn’t make the cut. The cool thing is that a photographer from the local newspaper some picks of myself and family so I suspect that I could see myself in the newspaper tomorrow! LOL How exciting!

Anyway, I’m back and ready to resume this months research. Keep in mind that most of the Infiniti deals ended last month, so expect new rates in the coming weeks. One thing to note this month is that I have come to the conclusion that estimating payments on cars that have bad rates is really counter productive, so I’m just going to comment on them and skip the payment estimates. I am thinking of highlighting the “good” rates of the month so you can see what the good leases are for September.  However, if you still want some ballpark numbers, just leave a comment and I will work some numbers for you.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!

By the way, congrats to VX on his new A3, B on his Cooper S, David on his C300 and ix007 on his EX35.

A quick “congrats” to the following people on their new rides!

  • VX and his A3
  • B and his Cooper S
  • David and his C300
  • ix007 and his EX35
  • Jake and his X3 / 328xi
  • Warren and his Cooper (not sure if it’s a S or not)

Excellent cars! Just watch out for boulders! LOL.

BTW, the Wall needs more cars! Send me some pics! ^_^

2 thoughts on “Back from My Break

  1. Nice to have you back G. Thanks for all your invaluable help over the last month or so. I was in the market for 2 leases and ended up with an X3 and a 328xi. Woo-hoo!!! BTW all BMW rates are going up tomorrow! the 328xi in particular is goinf up from .00125 to .0018

  2. Thanks Jake! Congrats on the X3 and the 328xi! Glad to hear that you were able to jump in on the low MF before they go up! I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the info on this site. Don’t forget to join the Wall! ^_^

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