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I get good number of emails every week and I sometimes I find that some of the questions need to be shared with the community because they are just very good questions. I want to thank James for his question today because his question has inspired me to create a new segment of “featured questions” for the site. Many Thanks!

James: How is leasing a G37 sport bad right now?

G: The G37 is a worse lease than last month, but it isn’t a horrible lease overall. I will looking into the numbers in a bit.

James: It’s the SAME price as the IS 350 and the 135 and it’s $100 less a month.

G: I wouldn’t consider it fair to compare the IS350 with the G37 since we are talking about a coupe and a sedan. Those shopping for a coupe certainly should pick the G37 over the 135i, while those shopping for a sedan should consider the G35 if the IS350 is not to their liking.

James: 71% for 10k miles, .00179 M, 2300 down with your Excel lease sheet it comes to $400.83 a month with 6.5% taxes.

G: I’m not sure how you came out with those numbers since a MSRP and Cap Cost was not define. But lets take my August numbers and use them as an example.

MSRP 40215
Sale Price 36856

August Numbers
G37 Sport
24 Month – Residual 71% of MSRP – .00190 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 61% of MSRP – .00216 Base Rate

September Numbers
G37 Sport
24 Month – Residual 68% of MSRP – .00179 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 61% of MSRP – .00215 Base Rate

Something to note, when you lease for 24 months, the residual is the same on the 10k and the 12k lease. Tarry apparently keeps getting that wrong on Infiniti leases, so make sure to note that. Regardless, let us assume the lease is for 15k miles.

August Monthly Payment is: $470 (plus inception and taxes)
September Monthly Payment is: $511 (plus inception and taxes)

Essentially, you are paying about $41 more from August to September. Now those who leased in July/August were paying about $30 more than the ones who leased in May/June. Essentially, the price went up $70+ per month since June. And I suspect it’s only going to go up until the 09 model is released.

James: That’s a great deal compared to the others above. Can you tell me why you didn’t suggest it?

G: I apologize if I gave the impression that the G37 is a horrible deal compared to other cars of the same price range. My main reason for not suggesting it is because I felt the lease wasn’t as good as it has been in the past few months. Factor in the fact that most people lease the Journey over the Sport and the payments jump that much more due to the lower residual value. The G37 is still one of the best values when it comes to coupes, so if you don’t mind paying a bit more than those who leased a few months ago, then I would suggest doing so before the 09 model rolls into showrooms.

2 thoughts on “Featured Question 1

  1. G: It seems to me that James has a point. The issue in my opinion is not whether the lease this month is as good as it was in the past. A prospective lessee cannot lease a car in the past. The issue rather is whether it is a good deal or not compared with other leases available this month. This is why I encourage you to post “deals of the month.”

  2. David: Thanks for the input, Dave. I think you and James bring up valid points. I guess I will need to find a method of comparison in order to determine which deal is best. There are just far too many factors to consider such as price, options, style and vehicle class. Maybe a chart ranking payments of each make/model may do the trick. If you guys have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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