November 2008 Lease Rate for 09 Mazda6

My Take: The 09 Mazda6 is a pretty sweet ride in my opinion. The lease its not too bad this month, expect to pay in the vicinity of low $400s for a well-equipped 6s Touring after taxes with inception fees upfront. I went ahead calculated the payments on a version of the 6s Touring with the following options: Moonroof/Bose Pkg, Convenience Pkg, Auto-Dim Mirrors, CD/MP3. MSRP runs for about $30,090 with destination charges with an invoice of around $27,315. If I pushed the dealer to sell it at invoice, I would be looking at about $398 (with 8.25% CA tax) per month with roughly about $1200-1300 due at signing (36/12k lease). Now there isn’t any mfg cash rebate available, but maybe the dealer would be willing to go below invoice to make a sale? Worth asking.

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  At Invoice At MSRP
Make/Model Invoice MSRP 24-month 36-month 24-month 36-month
09 Mazda 6s Touring $23,839 $25,745 $412 $342 $492 $395

  • Inception fees (1st month payment, DMV, doc fee, bank fee, tire tax and possible security deposit) will be paid at signing.
  • Local Taxes not included.
  • 24-month/15k and 36-month/15k terms.
  • All cars are stock, without any options.
  • Yellow boxes denotes “lowest” lease payments for each car.

2009 Mazda 6s Touring
24 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00050 Base Rate
36 Month – Residual 47% of MSRP – .00044 Base Rate

LEASE CALCULATOR (requires MS Excel)
THE LIST, monthly list of car rankings on monthly payments

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