Special Auto Deals for Costco Members!

Every morning, I get an email from Costco pitching their latest and greatest deals. This morning, I noticed that there were some “specials” on their Automotive site. I once leased a car using AAA and Costco (I have them both) membership, but I didn’t really seen any major advantages (mainly because I didn’t bother to ask what sort of discounts I would get). This time around however, if you head over to Costco’s Auto website, you can see all of the promotions going on.

Costco Auto Special Promotions

Couple things stand out here:

Purchase a new Volvo XC90, XC70 or V70 through the Costco Auto Program between November 13, 2008, and January 5, 2009, to receive:

* $1,000 Off Volvo’s employee price
* $750 holiday gift card from Volvo1
* All available customer rebates and dealer incentives
* $500 Costco Cash Card for completing a Costco Auto Program Survey

That’s a lot of savings since you get $1000 off the employee pricing + rebates + gift card + costco cash. Add on whatever discounts the dealer gives you and you simply can’t over look this deal if you are shopping for a new family hauler that’s one of the safest according to the IIHS (XC90).

Then there is 0% financing for Infiniti, Toyota, Nissan models. Nothing out of the norm here since I’ve seen the commercials on TV for quite some time.

GM is having a Red Tag sale…ho-hummm…

Lastly, you can get employee pricing + rebates on most 2008/2009 Ford models.

One thought on “Special Auto Deals for Costco Members!

  1. Speaking of “Red Tag” sale. I REALLY don’t think much of them. I mean, I don’t think I’d be motivated to go to the dealer just to see how much their “red tag” sale discounts. I am a numbers person, so I like to see numbers when I see a sale. Whether its rebates or percentages, gimme some numbers!!! Red Tag doesn’t say squat. Would I be paying invoice? below invoice? employee pricing? we all know “roughly” how much that would be…but does anyone know how much off MSRP is a “Red Tag”? Not I. GM you fail yet again.

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