What You Should Know…

Hello All!

Couple of quick announcements. Kudos to Randy for emailing the following info to me on BMW lease going on right now!

BMW of North America and BMW Financial has just announced an
unprecedented incentive to buy or lease in the next 8 days. Starting
today and running through February 2, the following REBATES* will be

1 series: $1,000 on lease or finance contracts
3 series: $1,500 on lease or finance contracts
5 series: $2,500 on lease or finance contracts
6 series: $3,000 on lease or finance contracts
X3: $2,500 on finance contracts
X5: $2,500 on finance contracts

* rebates available only on finance or lease contracts through BMW Financial

These rebates are available in conjunction with the current lease and
APR specials offered by BMW of North America.

Also, DON’T FORGET to check out the forum. BounceWithB will occasionally post interesting bits of auto news. Right now, he’s got some info on Chrysler’s Employee Pricing + 0% Financing offer!!! I know I know…its a Chrysler, but still, 0% interest we’re talking about here!


That is all for now!

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