09 Acura TSX Lease Rates for February 2009

My Take: I would really like to see the TSX’s money factor drop some more in March, maybe below .00200. The TSX I leased in May 2007 went for under $300 before taxes with just $750 due at signing, so I think the TSX can do much better as the year progresses. The question is, will it? Not too sure since in January the TSX actually posted a gain in sales, shockingly enough. In any case, you can either sit tight or jump into it right now. Either way, the TSX is still a pretty good lease due to it’s high residual value. TMV suggest almost $3000 off MSRP, that means this car is probably going for invoice or a bit below it. Edmunds didn’t publish the invoice price on the 09 TSX, so I just had to use th TMV, which is not a bad price if you ask me. Can you go lower? Its very possible.

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  At Invoice At MSRP
Make/Model Invoice MSRP 24-month 36-month 24-month 36-month
09 Acura TSX Base $27,091** $29,920 $411 $358 $536 $444

** Edmund’s TMV Suggested Price

NOTE: Estimates assuming the following conditions:

  • Inception fees (1st month payment, DMV, doc fee, bank fee, tire tax and possible security deposit) will be paid at signing.
  • Local Taxes not included.
  • 24-month/15k and 36-month/15k terms.
  • All cars are stock, without any options.

2009 Acura TSX February Lease Rates

2009 Acura TSX Base
24-month | 15k miles | residual 67% | .00250 base money factor
36-month | 15k miles | residual 61% | .00250 base money factor

2009 Acura TSX w/Navigation
24-month | 15k miles | residual 64% | .00250 base money factor
36-month | 15k miles | residual 58% | .00250 base money factor


Nothing here, the money factors are bit high, but I think the residual values more than make up for it.

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