RIDE with G Turns One…and Gets a Facelift

Believe it or not, it has been almost one year since I started RIDE with G. Time flies, doesn’t it? After bouncing around from one domain/server to another for a few months, I decided to pony up some cash to pay for my own domain and hosting…then BLAM! (I can’t use BAM! since Emeril took it, I think he trademarked it too, that bastard. LOL!) RIDE with G was born. Funny how I just wanted to blog about “my quest for the cheapest lease” last year…next thing I know, I’m helping thousands of people every month with their leases and saving them a crap load of money. Heck, I even helped someone negotiated a deal on her ’08 G35 via email all the way in NY! (Karolina, I’m still waiting for those pics of the G35 you promised. LOL.)

If you are a new reader, you probably didn’t notice anything unusual about the site. Now, if you are a long-timer, you’ll notice that the site has gone through quite a bit of “remodeling” over the past year. Lets just say I couldn’t make up my mind so  I just did something quick to get the site up and running. Now, to celebrate RIDE with G’s first year anniversary, I decided to re-brand the entire site (contrary to popular belief, I am not a car salesman. I am a designer that loves cars and enjoys leasing.). This one is a keeper, so you should not see anymore drastic changes. Hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy the new look, because it’s here to stay! Couple things, you will notice the new “banner ads”…sorry folks, this is necessary in order to keep the site “self-sufficient”. I will try to limit it to just a few spots and the usual text ads so this site doesn’t turn into an ad-fest. Trust me, I hate them as much as you do.

Last bit of news…

DEALERPLACE is still in the works, however, it is taking some time to gather a good crop of dealers. Apparently some of them are a bit gun-shy about participating. I guess having me tell readers to shoot for invoice doesn’t help. Haahaa. Still, with the way the auto industry is right now, you would THINK free ad space would be something that would fetch some interest. Maybe the whole “Honesty/Straight-forwardness/Courtesy” is too much to ask for? LOL.

Thank you all for your support in the past year. I hope I was able to help you save a ton of money and maybe teach you a thing or two about leasing.

Special Shout Out to my peeps on the Wall. I thank you for sharing the pics of your rides.

Let us hope that leasing stays strong for 2009!


4 thoughts on “RIDE with G Turns One…and Gets a Facelift

  1. thanks B! working my butt off the last couple weeknights to rebrand everything. Still kept the familiar layout since it was working out pretty good, just looked a bit messy.

    Thanks to James for pointing out that my post headers where showing up HUGE on IE. Should be fixed now. I’m not much of an IE person (for obvious security reasons) so I “forgot” to double check. I should have known better though, considering my background and all. LOL. Anyway, it’s been tested on IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and it looks the way it should. Sorry Opera users, I just don’t have that installed, nor do I want to 😛

  2. G
    Site looks great! Please keep it up. I intend to use all of your info when I lease a new vehicle for my wife.

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