April 2009 Announcements

Lease Rates
They are coming…Typically, lease rates start popping up around the 2nd week of the month until some time through the last week of the month. I generally don’t recommend leasing or buying during the early days of the month anyway, so just hang in a little bit longer. I’m rather hopeful for this month’s leases since last month was a bit of a disappointment. I really hope things pick up though, many dealerships are going out of business, while other have been making salary cuts just to hang in there. What’s sad is that things look like they will get worse before they get better.

GM, Chrysler & Ford
If you have been following the latest news from Detroit, things aren’t looking exactly pretty. The good news is that the government has begun providing tax incentives for car buyers on top of the discounts provided by US automakers. Remember, you will get most out of these incentives if you BUY rather than lease. There are a some solid American cars out there,  so don’t forget to give them a look.

For Sale & Lease Assumption Forum
I decided to do away from the “solicitations” forum and made it into the “For Sale & Lease Assumption” forum since BouncewithB is trying to sell/trade off his wife’s ’07 VW Jetta lease. For those interested, check it out. You can also see Mrs B’s Jetta over at the Wall. If you are currently on a lease and want to see if anyone is interested in assuming it (or if you want to find a buyer), go ahead and post your ride/lease info there. I’ll also try to make a blog post about it for maximum exposure.

I’m getting absolutely no takers on this. For those who are eagerly anticipating it, you are going to have to wait a while longer. Sooner or later, I will get a dealer to participate. I haven’t exactly been running around from dealer to dealer promoting it either, which explains why little progress has been made.

Last words…
I got a lot of non-RIDEwithG related things going on right now, so if I don’t respond to questions, emails or posts within a day or so, please be patient/understanding. The economy is hitting everyone hard right now, I’m no exception.

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