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logo_bmwYesterday, Dave Persaud posted a deal on the BMW 328i Lease. I haven’t talked to him about the details, but I thought maybe I’d take a crack at breaking down the deal to see if I could “figure out” what the numbers look like. Here’s what I came up with:

2009 BMW 328i
MSRP 36900
Invoice 34045
Term 36 months/10k per year
Residual 60%
Money factor .0022

With these numbers plugged into the lease calculator, I’m getting exactly $454 per month + tax. So my assumption is that the car is going for invoice. Not bad, right? Well, it gets better. Dave is saying ZERO out of pocket. That is VERY nice.

Assuming that I am right on the terms here, Dave is willing to absorb all of the inception costs, which easily totals well over $1200. If I am right, then I give it a thumbs up because he’s probably going well below invoice to make this deal happen. Not too shabby if you ask me.

6 thoughts on “Dealerplace BMW 328i Lease

  1. “Dave is willing to absorb all of the inception costs, which easily totals well over $1200.”

    So inception costs are negotiable afterall?

  2. Not exactly. Inception fees are generally composed of the following: 1st payment, doc fee, bank fee, dmv and tire fees. In CA, the doc fees are $45, so there isn’t much to negotiate there. bank fees are non-negotiable, so that’s that. dmv and tire taxes are also not negotiable, so no point going there. That leaves the 1st payment, which is negotiable via the sale price of the vehicle.

  3. I don’t understand how are you coming up with $454/month plus taxes.
    Im getting $498/month plus taxes.
    Here is my math:

  4. tarp_kitko, the reason you are not getting the same monthly payment is because you are calculating the residual value off the invoice price. You are supposed to do it off the MSRP.

  5. G

    Do you have any recent Cayenne numbers? I know I am not supposed to ask by sending you a note through ‘Contact’.

    Any info would help out though.


  6. sorry greg, nothing yet. if you want to request numbers, you can try posting them on the forums. I can’t guarantee that I will find them, but i’ll try.

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