Dealerplace Welcomes Aaron McCroskey

Hello fellow Riders! I’d like to welcome Aaron McCroskey to the Dealerplace. Aaron is a friendly and professional guy who was a lot of fun to talk to. I probably spent a good hour talking to him over at MBZ Long Beach this weekend and didn’t even realized it. Haahaa. As you all know, I am about full disclosure so I need to let you know that Aaron is a floor sales guy. I am aware that for us internet people, we tend to seek out the fleet managers. However, I’m making an exception because based on my conversation with Aaron, I got the impression that he is a straight-up guy that genuinely cares about his clients, unlike the majority of the folks I’ve meet when I walk into dealerships. His personality is in line with my goal for Dealerplace, which is about building relationships, no matter where these dealers end up. What is as good as making friends with a doctor or a lawyer? Making friends with a dealer. 🙂

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