Special May Announcements

Hello dear RIDERS!

I have a special announcement for this month! I have officially given the green light to RIDE | Dealerplace. So what is this Dealerplace? It is a blog for a group of experienced auto dealers I have hand-picked to be part of this new experiment of mine. They are given the opportunity to post news relating to their dealerships and to provide you with the type “no BS” service you deserve.  I encourage you to contact and comment on their service under their profile.

For our first Dealerplace member, I’d like to introduce you all to Dave Persaud. I have actually been in contact with Dave since last year. I met him through the G37 forum where he has a pretty solid reputation among Infiniti customers. He is currently working over at Long Beach BMW in Southern California. So if you are looking for a BMW in the state of CA (or don’t mind making the drive down here), shoot him an email.

I have added a sidebar widget with the latest Dealerplace News, so be sure to keep an eye on it in case something new pops up.

Thanks again for your time and Happy Leasing!


5 thoughts on “Special May Announcements

  1. Maybe they could actually post specific lease specials with all the details from time to time. Deals of the week etc.

  2. Yeah, I think it would be nice to see that as well. Maybe I’ll have a pow-wow with them and see what they think and if something like that can be done without causing an uproar with their management.

  3. The “Lease Offers” page on BMW NA website, had a 335 Coupe listed at $519/month yesterday. Today, its $489. What changed?

    Nothing else changed like down payment, msrp, etc…

  4. Jason, it two things may be happening here, either the money factor changed (unlikely but not impossible) OR dealer contribution increased. The add does not get into the amount of dealer contribution that is involved in the deal, that may very well be the case.

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