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As you know, I’ve pimping the Mercedes models quite a bit these last few months. From the C350, one of the best deals in recent memory, to the CLKs, a model on clearance due to the arrival of the new E-Class’ coupes. Back in April 2009, there were some very informative comments from Dr J regarding leasing a CLK550. (April CLK rates) In his post, he indicated $7500 in lease support cash. Imagine that! When it was all said and done, Dr J got himself into a CLK550 (that’s the V8 model with a MSRP of over $60k) for roughly $556 a month (after taxes) with $0 down. There are folks out there leasing G37s, 335i for that kind of money. Sure, in order to get this low of a payment you have to get into a longer term lease. But that’s not a big deal since luxury brands such as MB offer four-year warranties.

Now fast-forward to June/July 2009 and it seems like those deals will continue until supplies run out. If you have $500-$600 per month and don’t mind getting into a longer 48 month lease, I encourage you to visit your local MB dealer. These cars are great lease-to-buy models as well, so even if you don’t like leasing, you should consider it due to the incentives available. Just look at Aaron’s latest post at the Dealerplace! He’s practically admitting what we’ve suspected all along! If you are new to leasing, be sure to read up on all of the posts in the Leasing 101 section. Getting educated saves you money.

If you are a Southern California resident, feel free to give Aaron a call or send him an email. You can find his contact information here. For those who don’t, you can use the Yahoo! Auto Quotes to get some numbers from dealers near you.

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  1. I tried to use a lease calculator for the CLK550 convertible. I put in a price of $1k over invoice and a down payment of $7500 to cover the lease support cash listed above. I still get over $600/month with taxes.
    What are the details on these deals??


  2. @smitty. I just talk to Aaron briefly today and says the July deals on the CLK are not as good as last month. There is still a rebate on them, they just aren’t as big. If I learn anything new, I will let you guys know. Unfortunately, it is as EO says, deals aren’t as sweet anymore, but we’ll see once I get my hands on the official numbers.

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