Anyone Want An Acura TL Lease?

logo_acuraI emailed my Acura dealer today regarding the 09 TSX w/ Tech and 09 TL w/ Tech to see how they looked like this month.  I was blown away by the numbers he gave me! His 09 TSXs completely sold out, so only the 2010s are on the lot. Next, he has VERY limited availability on the 09 TLs and I can see why (more on that later). Before I get to the numbers, I’m sure you are curious as to why I’m inquiring about lease quotes when I just got an 08 G37 last year and still have 9 months on my wife’s TSX (Well, maybe you aren’t curious, but I’ll tell you anyway. LOL) I’m trying to see if selling the TSX makes more sense than waiting 9 months before replacing it with whats left of the 2010s. This is the 2nd year in a row he’s pretty much sold out (or had limited availability) on the TSX and TLs. I know the wife would appreciate all the Tech and safety features on Acuras (plus we love their lease programs), so I thought it would be wise to take a look. Lets just say I came away SERIOUSLY thinking about this.

The 2010 Acura TSX w/ Tech is not a good lease right now. 58% and 0.00243 is a joke. You’ll be looking at mid to high $400s, so don’t even bother getting a quote this month because you can get similarly equipped 09 TL for a few bucks more.

This is where it gets interesting!

2009 Acura TL w/Tech – $423 + tax, with inception due at signing. Keep in mind I am not using the same exact numbers he’s giving me. This is more of my inception due-at-signing routine, where I keep the fees away from the lease loan.  His exact numbers were $1100 drive-off, $438 a month + tax. That is because he is rolling the bank fee into the lease loan to keep your inception fee lower. Otherwise, you’d be paying around $1600 instead of $1100. Want more numbers? MSRP $39,445 and he’s giving a whopping $6,850 off the sticker price. That’s $3,771 BELOW invoice and $2,216 BELOW Edmund’s TMV (See why TMV is so unreliable sometimes?!?). Need more reasons to consider the TL? Check out The List and you’ll see that the TL actually falls below most cars this month. For a $39k car, that’s pretty darn good. If you want to buy, you can use this price (which includes the $2000 dealer cash) with the 2.9% APR for 60 months.

Now, if you are willing to do business with my Acura dealer, here are some ground rules.

  1. I will only provide you his contact information via email. So you must contact me to get it.
  2. This is a FRIEND referral, not Dealerplace. This means, you must act as if you know me.  I suggest saying you are one of my web design clients or something.
  3. Serious inquiries ONLY. I plan to to refer the first TWO people who contact me about this deal, because it would seem rather suspicious if a flock of people start emailing him within 24 hrs. I don’t have THAT many friends looking to  buy a car right now. LOL.
  4. Please do not haggle. It would reflect poorly on me if you tried to haggle this already low price. I don’t want him thinking my referrals are difficult. You aren’t required to lease from him, but please don’t make me look bad.
  5. Under no circumstances should you mention the RIDE with G website. I’m not sure how he’d react to a site like this, so lets just keep it  hush-hush for now.
  6. Be sure to tell me your name and where you are from, in case he calls me or emails me about you.
  7. This is in Southern California. If you are within driving distance to LA/OC, I suggest that you send me an email.

The way my guy works is simple…He gives me the rockbottom price, below invoice (when the market suggests that’s the case), all  in one email.  I like that.  If you want to shop around your area first, go ahead,I’ve given you the numbers. If no one wants to beat it, you know where to find me.

UPDATE: If you don’t need a TL with Tech, the Base I was offered was $30,196, off of a MSRP of $35,850 (around $5,654 off MSRP). My guess is that the payments should be around $360-$370 + tax. That’s cheaper than my G37 deal from last year which came out to $368 + tax.

16 thoughts on “Anyone Want An Acura TL Lease?

    • I didn’t ask for a trade-in because I know I will have negative equity on it since my wife’s averaging more than her allowance of 1000 miles/month, so selling it straight up would allow me to break even. He did offer to do a trade-in estimate though, so I’ll see what he can give me. I am probably going asking about the base TL too, without the Tech to see how much lower the payments can get. My guess is probably low $400 with inception upfront.

    • @smitty. yeah it’s a pretty sweet deal. good luck in november! from my experience, its generally a pretty rough month for leasing, but quite good for buying. In any case, hopefully you keep monitoring things and see what works best for you. I’ll try to stay on top of the good deals for all of you.

  1. I was in an Acura dealership in Wisconsin two weeks ago looking at leases and I got quoted $607/month for the TL Tech and $672/month for a TL Tech SH-AWD. This included tax and no money down. From what I saw, the salesman was only taking the $2,000 dealer cash off the MSRP. Both leases were 36 months/12k miles. Money factor I believe was .00220 with a residual of 53%. I would LOVE a TL Tech at the numbers you mentioned. In fact, I put my ’04 TL up for sale about 8 days ago.

    • @jon. did you try talking to the internet sales managers or a floor sales person? If you like, i can inquire about transportation costs from California to Wisconsin. For all you know, it could end up being cheaper. LOL.

  2. I talked to a floor sales person. I would be interested but first I need to sell my 04 TL which I am trying to do.

    • @jon. Try talking to the fleet manager or internet sales guy next time to see if he can work out a lower price for ya. In the meantime, keep trying to sell that 04 TL!

  3. Sold my ’04 TL today. Time to look at leases for an 09 TL but what about lease rates/etc with the ’10 TL coming out in September? I still love the deal your guy quoted you “$438/month + tax” for a TL Tech. I’d pull the trigger on that pronto if I was in California.

    • @jon. this deal on the TL is pretty good, the main problem I think they are having is that the new design isn’t being accepted very well right now.

  4. I started negotiating with the Acura dealer in my area. He quoted me “$593.51/month with $1,310.83 due at delivery.” for a 36 month, 15k/year lease. I countered using a sale price for the TL of $32911, residual 53%, and the current MF for Acura in Wisconsin (supposedly) is .00230. He said “That’s not an offer we can even entertain. We’d sell the car and make no money on it, not a good business decision.” How do I negotiate with these guys or should I just move on?

    • @jon. Seems like your area charges more on the TL compared to other states. Have you thought about going out of state to purchase? I know B, who lives in Louisiana is going to Houston to pick up his wife’s G37. It may be worth your while if you can save yourself a few thousands. With that said, I wouldn’t beat on a dead horse. Feel free to move on and find a new dealer. Remember, they need you more than you need them. As a consumer, you have so many choices on where to spend your money. If you like I can email you my So Cal dealer’s info. You can inquire about how much it would cost to ship your car to your area. For all you know, it could be cheaper. I know my dealer has even sold cars to Canadians, so out of state shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

  5. I’m negotiating on a 09 TL Tech which has the $2000 cash to dealer incentive until early September. Seems like a high price considering the car is almost a year old and the new ones come out in September.

  6. Had 8 months left on my 2007 TL lease. They paid off early and put me in a 2009 TL for $3 lESS than the 2007 lease….$452 (12k) with nothing down except the 1st payment. They painted the ugly silver nose the same color as the car and it looks awsome !

    • @wow allan! that looks sharp! yeah i’m a huge fan of the chrome beak either, but if you get silver one, it doesn’t look bad. its the back that seems to turn a lot of people off. still. i think yours looks pretty sharp. congrats!!! $452 is not a bad price at all. specially with just 1st month payment.

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