Mercedes Benz Exclusive European Delivery Package

logo_benzThe Exclusive Package includes a variety of benefits at no additional cost to the customer and is perfect for people who wish to plan their own vacation through Europe, using the Mercedes-Benz Delivery Center in Sindelfingen as the starting post of their journey.

  • One night accommodation – single or double occupancy – at the customer’s choice of twelve (12) selected 5-star hotels. Buffet breakfast is included.
  • Fifteen (15) days of zero-deductible comprehensive insurance. Note: If the customer requires insurance for a period longer than 15 days, coverage can only be purchased in monthly increments. For example, for 45 days of insurance coverage, you would order two month’s coverage, which is the actual coverage period provided, not one month plus 15 days. The monthly premium has been adjusted for the 15 days premium subvention provided by MBUSA.
  • Two taxi vouches for travel from Stuttgard Aurport or Central Railroad Station to the hotel in Stuttgard or the Sindelfingen Delivery Center.
  • Breakfast or lunch at the Sindelfingen Delivery Center restaurant.
  • Singelfindgen Factory Tour.
  • Full tank of fuel.
  • Inland transportation of the customer’s vehicle from any of the established drop-off points.
  • Ocean shipping and marine insurance.
  • European and U.S. Wharf charges.
  • VPC processing and delivery to the selected U.S. Dealer
  • No destination charge for European Delivery Vehicles

Models available with 7% Savings off the total vehicle price

  • C300W
  • C300W4
  • C350W
  • GLK350W
  • GLK350W4
  • E350W
  • E350W4
  • E350C
  • E550W
  • E550W4
  • E550C
  • E320 Bluetec
  • CLS550C
  • SLK300
  • SLK350
  • SLK55
  • SL550
  • SL600
  • SL63
  • S550V
  • S550V4

Available at MSRP. Limited to 8 vehicles per month per region. Requires Market Manager Approval.

  • C63
  • S600V
  • SL65
  • E63
  • CLS63
  • CLK63

Available at MSRP. Dealer must provide unit from their inventory.

  • S63
  • S65
  • CL600C
  • CL550C
  • CL63
  • CL65

Not Available for European Delivery.

  • M-Class
  • R-Class
  • G-Class
  • GL-Class


Customer can now enjoy a 7% customer savings off the MSRP on selected models. Destination charge does not apply and should not be calculated into the vehicle price.

All MSRP’s exclude taxes, title/documentation fees, registration, tags, MB dealer prep, labor and installation charges, insurance, certificate of compliance and non-compliance fees, and finance charges.

Black Forest Alps Rally. Superior-rated optional package. Often referred to as “Germany’s Best Kept Secret”.

European Navigation.

The Delivery Center will provide a portable navigation system at no additional cost to European Delivery orders equipped with navigation. The unit must be returned at time of drop off. The customer will be required to provide a credit card in the event the portable navigation unit is lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned. A letter with details on navigation and portable unit offer will be included in customer’s portfolio.

Winter Travel.

While traveling in Europe during the months of November through April, it is the responsibility of the car owner/driver of a European Delivery vehicle to adhere to local traffic regulations, which require that a vehicle must be operated on winter tires in winter – like conditions and is required to take appropriate measures for travel in prevailing weather conditions.

As stated in the vehicle’s Operator’s Manual, always use winter tires at temperatures below 45 degrees F (7 degrees C) and whenever wintry road conditionals prevail.

See Operator’s Manu for specific details concerning operation of your vehicle, including information concerning approved tires for winter driving conditions.

While traveling in Austria during winter months of November through April, you must operate your vehicle on winter tires. If you disregard this, you can be assessed with a fine of up to € 5.000.

*This information is taken straight from MB’s intranet. 😉

11 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Exclusive European Delivery Package

  1. applies to a lease? i remember Audi not allowing EU Delivery back when I was reading up on this.

  2. Thanks G! And I just read where Audi is now allowing this on leases as well.
    BMW is 9% off and Audi is 5%.

    • audi are a bunch of self-loving cheapskates. 5%????? LOL. That’s such a joke. I guess my last A4 will remain the last Audi I’ll ever drive. Haahaa.

  3. @G
    great post! Do you have a recorder in my kitchen? we were just talking about this 7% off msrp 2010 e350 and some MSD’s (000075) mf lower sounds good maybe a little octoberfest famly vacation is in the cards for the miller famly.


    • @jake. lol. no worries, i don’t have any cameras anywhere! lol. Oktoberfest would be pretty awesome! just before the winter season!

  4. Isn’t the C350 made in South Africa? Will you get C350 made in Germany if you pick Euro Delivery?

    • @supercharged. I never knew the C350 ws made in South Africa. LOL. Chances are you will be getting a German made C350 if you order it from their factory. I can’t imagine a SA made C350 being shipped to Germany would make any financial sense.

    • @shaq. what jake said. Randy’s wall post is pretty good if you want to read it. but the quick answer to your question is, MSRP.

  5. @ shaq d
    check out (randy’s 09 BMW 328xi)deal on the wall, he kinda spells it out. I hope it helps.

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