The Wall: Jason’s 2009 Infiniti G37x

Name: Jason
Location: New Jersey
What He’s Got: 2009 Black Infiniti G37x Sedan (Prem&Navi).
What It Cost:MSRP – 41,065. Selling Price at Invoice 37,748 – 1,000 loyalty. Inception fees of approx. 1,500 rolled into the lease. 55% residual. MF.001410.$600 drive off. Monthly payments of about $520 a month. (Based previous email, I could be wrong).

My Take:That’s pretty good considering you rolled in inception fees. Pretty loaded model so two thumbs up! I’m glad I talked you into the Black on Black. Looks real sharp! Repeat after me. No More Dodge, No More Dodge. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Wall: Jason’s 2009 Infiniti G37x

  1. I personally know BIG JAY – We all warned him about the Dodge but he thought the deal was too sweet to pass up – hopefully the Infiniti works out better!!! RIP DODGE. Now he’s rolling triple black.

    • @jaycee. Yeah i think he’ll be happier on the Infiniti. I personally love my car, it’s got its issues of course (crazy blindspot on the coupe, rattling, leather showing signs of wear and tear), but overall, probably one of the best rides I’ve had. Still lover the engine and the exhaust note. LOL. I don’t like kicking someone when they are down, but Chrysler really need a lot of help, their cars are simply a waste of money.

  2. I love my G too, but those leather seats are a pain in the butt. I hate having to think about what i have in my pockets before I sit down. I don’t have any rattles yet, but I do have a sunroof gasket squeak. The blindspot isn’t much of an issue because I always use my mirrors and look. By the way thanks to your site I got a fully loaded coupe with Nav 6 m/t for 38,700, no money down, $1000 out the door (for fees) $454 a month pre-tax. ($499 with washington’s crazy 9.6% tax) Pretty sweet deal. MSRP was $43,000 on the car. They wanted $399 for a coupe journey with $3800 down. i got a car that is $7000 more MSRP, with no down payment for $50 more per month. Plus my residual is only 24k.

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