09 Acura TL Lease Rates – August 2009

logo_acuraMy Take: Pretty much the same as last month. The $2000 dealer cash, which can be used for a lease, is still in effect last I heard. Please refer to this post to get an idea of what a good price should be. Also keep in mind that the sale price does vary from state to state so do not expect So Cal prices if you live in like Wyoming or somewhere were competition is practically non-existent. Yes, the design is controversial, but I’m sure some of you can grow to love it. Just look at Allan’s new TL, he had the dealer paint the silver grill black and it looks WAY better!

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2009 Acura TL

2009 Acura TL Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00184 base money factor

2009 Acura TL Sedan SH-AWD
36-month | 15k miles | residual 55% | .00184 base money factor

2009 Acura TL Sedan Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00184 base money factor

2009 Acura TL Sedan SH-AWD Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 52% | .00184 base money factor

17 thoughts on “09 Acura TL Lease Rates – August 2009

  1. G, Still working on an Acura TL lease. Any idea why my dealer in Wisconsin is telling me the money factor is .0023? Thanks for your help.

    • @jon. the lease rates sometimes vary because they are regional. How many Acura dealers reported the .0023 MF in your area?

  2. Acura in Brookfield, WI and Acura in Highland Park, IL both gave me .0023 for the money factor. I was told the money factor is based on where you live and not where you buy the car.

    • @jon. I’ll shoot an email off to my dealer here to confirm. I know taxes are handled based on where you live, I wasn’t aware that the MF was handled the same way. This is interesting. I’ll get back to you.


    • @bob. please! no caps! 😉 it’s like i’m being yelled at. LOL. Anyway, read this post. That is the quote I got from my Acura dealer last month which should be in effect this month still. This is in CA, so your market will more than likely vary. However, I would still shoot to get as close to the deal I posted. Remember, find out your lease rates, msrp, sale price and fees. if your dealer charges more fees than mine, your deal will get worse.

  4. Hey all,

    I’m currently looking into leasing a 2009 Acura TL w/Tech, either Pal. Silver/Ebony or Polished Metal/Ebony using Honda/Acura Financial Services “Loyalty Program” since I’m returning my 2007 Honda Ridgeline lease two months early. Not sure what this loyalty program really offers though, it states pre-approval, waived security deposit, etc., but the security deposit is usually waived by Honda/Acura for most leases anyway and they include their $1500 damage waiver for up to $500 per incident. So not sure what benefit I’m really getting from the so-called loyalty program, however, I do like leasing with Honda/Acura financial services and have always had a good experience with them.

    Anyways, I got quoted from the only Acura dealer in the Omaha, NE area the following:
    -MSRP $39,445.00;
    -Sale Price $35,465.00 + any accessories price;
    -Montly payments w/o sales tax included were $579.00 for 36 month/18,500 mile/year lease.

    I asked and internet manager said MF used was .0023 for the region, not .00184 like other regions, and a 53% residual value. I believe there is an upfront acq. fee of $595 and $10 title fee. So I believe all I would have to bring to signing is just first payment figured with sales tax @ 5.5% + $10 title fee. In addition, I believe the manager figured $1,050 for extra miles (3,500mi/year x 3 years = 10,500 mi x $.10/mi = $1,050) in order to get lease to $18,500 miles/year. Is this a good deal?

    Driveyourdream-ltf.zag.com said I should target for $35,116 in Omaha region. In addition, I got a quote from a Chicagoland dealer, Ed Napelton Acura, for $34,366, basically Invoice minus the $2,000 manufactuer-to-dealer incentive. I could drive to Chicago to make purchase, but I would prefer to avoid this inconvience. I’m thinking of countering to the Omaha Acura with the following:

    MSRP $39,445
    Invoice $36,366
    Minus Man-2-Deal Incentive: $1500
    Sale Price w/o Accessories: $34,866
    Plus 10,500 purchases miles: $1,050
    Gross Cap Cost: $35,916
    Acq Fee: $595 rolled into lease
    Title Fee: $10

    G’s lease calculator came up with $596.64/mo payment @ 5.5 sales tax, .0023 MF, and 53% RV.

    The Omaha Acura has quite a few 2009 TL’s w/Tech in stock; 18 total (3 Palladium Silver, 5 Polished Metal, 4 Crystal Black, 3 White, 3 Griggio).

    • @charles. I am getting $596.64 when you roll in the acq fee into you payments, with the rest of the inception fees due at signing. I think what’s making it expensive for you is the extra miles. However, at .10 cents per mile, that’s better than going over and paying the stuff penalty which is usually double. Just make sure you us it all because you will not be refunded for unused miles.

      Regarding your last question, I don’t think anyone can tell you for sure that the cash will be around all the way into the end of Sept. My guess would be that they will probably extend it into the first few days of Sept, but after that, that’s anyone’s guess. Acura could easily pull the program tomorrow or extended to the end of Sept. That is how random these things are. My take is that if it makes financial sense to do it now, do it while all the rebates are there. If not, then wait it out and see if you get lucky later.

      @jon. alright, I’m officially dropping my Acura dealer as a referral. If you can’t reply to my email within 4 days, then you are of no good use to me (or any of you for that matter). Sorry Jon, looks like my dealer has become rather flaky and I cannot confirm the numbers for you. Too bad, my wife is due for a new car next May and its probably not going to be coming from him. I’m going to eat my words on this one. Apparently he was on vacation. LOL Just got the email today! Haahaa. More details tomorrow on the regional MF.

  5. Oh yeah…Also, does anyone know for sure if the 2009 Acura TL w/Tech lease rates, residual values, and $2,000 Man-2-Deal cash still be in effect for early September. Most sites say the expire on September 8th, but the salesman at dealership said they are only good through the 31st of August. I can’t do deal until early September anyway, but I think he is just trying to pressure me into getting sale done before end of month.

  6. Ed Napleton in Chicago also gave me a sale price of $34,336. With a MF of .0023 and a residual of .53 it would have been about $530/month with roughly $1380 due at drive-off. Last week, he told me he only had 5 TL Tech’s left. Acura.com is already showing the 2010 TL’s. Looks like pricing is the same but there is now a 6-speed manual available. I wonder what lease rates the 2010 will have. I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything yet-been kinda busy.

    • @jon. i got the 411 on the MF. MF is regional, so it is based on where you live. The only way to bypass that is to use a local address (of where the MF is lower) and then call Acura to change your address. That should keep your MF the same while your sales taxes will change to reflect your local area.

  7. I finally got a better quote from the Acura of Omaha dealer on a 2009 Acura TL w/ Tech Pkg. I’m gonna go with the Palladium Silver/Ebony Leather option. These are the numbers I got from the Omaha dealer. He originally quoted me $35,465.00 plus any accessories cost. I negotiated with them via email and they say they can’t go any lower than $34,900 and I responded that Ed Napelton Acura of Elmhurst, IL (suburb of Chicago) quoted me $34,366 ($2,000 below invoice) plus accessories cost. Acura of Omaha responded that they couldn’t speak for the Chicago market and that they haven’t sold an Acura TL w/ Tech cheaper than $34,900. I figure this is a decent deal since TrueCar.com and Driveyourdream-ltf.zag.com/main.html say that $34,900 is about what these are going for locally. Plus, Chicago dealers are notorious for trying to throw in ridiculous dealer doc fees and other fees that add up real quick to paid their profit margin and are difficult to get them to remove.

    I also got them to waive the labor charge for the dealer installed accessories I wanted so it is $415.00 instead of $504.10. Unfortunate that Honda and Acura don’t offer options per se, but rather dealer installed accessories. Also, since I want to get 18,500 miles/year instead of 15K, I learned that they take this cost off the payoff/purchase amount at end of lease. This means that they will charge me $1,050 for the extra 10,500 miles at $.10/mile. So, in reality, the residual value goes from 53% to 50.33806% or ($20,905.85-$1,050=$19,855.85) purchase option at lease end. Anyways;

    I negotiated the following:

    MSRP: $39,445.00
    Sale Price: $34,900
    Accessories w/o labor install costs: Splash Guards: $153.00
    All Season Floor Mats: $130.00
    Cargo Hook: $23.00
    Trunk Tray: $109.00
    Subtotal: $415.00
    Acquisition Fee (Rolled Into Lease): $595.00
    Gross Cap Cost: $35,910.00
    Nebraska Title Fee (Due At Signing): $10.00
    Sales Tax (Monthly): 5.5%
    Money Factor: .00237 or 5.688% (Not the greatest)
    RV: 19,855.85 or 50.33806% off MSRP

    Using the 2.1 Lease Calculator I get monthly payments of $609.91 and $619.91 due at signing with a lease deal rating of 1.47. Not the greatest but the extra mileage plus kinda high MF is killing the deal rating. However, I have to pay $1,400 in excess mileage @ $.20/mile on my current Honda Ridgeline that I’m turning in 2 months early under the American Honda Financial Services loyalty program.

    • @charles. Actually, the calculator assumes you won’t exceed 15k miles, so the fact that you are getting 18,500 actually makes it pretty decent, specially since going over your miles usually costs double the pre-purchase price. Overall, I think you did well I don’t see any unreasonable fees and costs. The money factor does suck though. Have you thought about buying it down using MSDs?

  8. @Jon. Has Ed Napleton Acura factored in the accessories you want and other fees such as Dealer Docs and other things the dealer tries to through in there to help their profit margin. When I lived in Chicago I hated all of the BS they tried pulling with the extra costs above and beyond the negotiated price. In Nebraska the Acura dealer just has Negotiated price + Accessories Cost (with or without labor install costs) + Acq Fee $595.00 (either due at signing or rolled into loan) and Nebraska Title Fee $10.00. Sales Tax in Nebraska is on a monthly basis and registration is paid separate from dealer. For some reason, unlike Illinois, Nebraska tries to prevent dealers from rolling this cost into loans/leases and the individual must come up with this money on their own. I believe it will cost me $715.00 to register my vehicle here.

  9. @G. I’m not too well versed on the whole MSD program. From what I understand, you usually take your total base monthly payment amount before tax and round to nearest $25 increment. In my case $578 would be $575 and multiply it by up to 8 or 9 (I believe this is the max) and this should buy down .00007 of the money factor. Is this correct?

    Is this money due at signing or are each one of these 8 deposits paid over the duration of the lease? Is the MSD taxed?

    Using basic assumptions, I calculated the following:

    $575 x 8 MSD = $4600

    8 x .00007 = .00056

    .00237-.00056 = .00181 (new Money Factor after buy down)

    Rent charge @ .00237 = $132.17/mo x 36 mo = $4758.12 in total rent
    Rent charge @ .00181 = $100.94/mo x 36 mo = $3633.84 in total rent

    So with MSD buy down I would save $1124.28 in rent/interest charges. So my Return on Investment(ROI) would be ($1124.28/$4600=.244 or 24.4%) over a three year period.

    I think I got the numbers analyzed and calculated correctly.

    This isn’t a bad ROI since I get the money back at end of 36 months. I don’t know of any CD or other investment opportunity that can return that amount over three years. The problem is that I’m a little cash poor right now(Cancun vacation planned, night school, etc.) so I wouldn’t be able to come up with the $4600 at signing.

    • @charles. Yes, I think you have the general idea on the MSDs. I’m not 100% sure how Acura handles MSDs, but if its anything like BMW, you are pretty much in the right ballpark. As Jake recommends, I think you should consider timing your lease so that you can take full advantage of your credit card. Cashback helps and also making the purchase right after your billing cycle closes will add about 45 days before you need to make payments. Another thing is that you don’t have to put the maximum amount of MSDs if you feel strapped. You can put down 4 or 5 instead.

  10. @Charles
    try your credit card (discover) with 1/2 the msd $2k? Maybe the dealer would take it? Only if you could pay your card fast

    that’s what I’m doing with mb they said they would go up to $3k credit card then I will pay it off in a month or so
    (((discover))) some cash back & low apr% win win for me

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