Infiniti Financial Services Waiving Up to Four Payments

logo_infinitiMy Take: Infiniti has apparently extended their “Three Month Waiver” program to a “Four Month Waiver” program. This offer extends to those who qualify for an new Infiniti purchase or lease (and are currently leasing from IFS). Excess wear and tear and mileage overage fees apply. If you aren’t over your miles, but anticipate being over your miles, you will not be penalized. You basically have to be literally OVER your miles to get hit with penalties. There is also up to $500 in wear and tear waiver, so that’s nice. Remember that the way this works is that IFS will not add any negative equity into your new loan. This can only happen if you stay within the brand. All other cross-brand offers typically involved rolling over negative equity. Those who have a scheduled lease maturity of 11/2/2009 thru 01/01/2010 and have good credit should be able to take advantage of this. Offer expires 9/30/2009.

Lastly, Mercedes Benz has a similar program as well, I believe the current one allows you to turn your car in about 5 months in advance.

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4 thoughts on “Infiniti Financial Services Waiving Up to Four Payments

    • yes, you have to be a current IFS lessee in order to qualify for this program. I’d also like to add that even if someone leases an Infiniti, it doesn’t necessarily mean they qualify. It has to be financed through Infiniti Financial Services.

  1. Hi,
    Does Infiniti offer any Lease Cash to new customers (like BMW is doing right now?).
    Also, my understanding with leasing a G37 sedan is that they dealer can “sell” the car at invoice, so this becomes your cap cost. In otherwords, is invoice price the best one can do on a lease?

    • @jon. The only cash I know of is the loyalty cash that’s about $1000. There is also dealer cash, but that’s for purchases only (can’t even be combined with special financing). As far as the sale price is concerned, the sale price is not exactly the cap cost. Sometimes, you get a sale price + bank acquisition as your cap cost. Your cap cost is whatever gets rolled into your lease loan. Of course, you can insist on having your invoice being your cap cost, but that just means you’ll have to pay all associated fees up front. With that out of the way, I’d like to clarify the sale price a bit. Invoice or lower, should be attainable in areas with decent competition. However, in certain areas in the country, they will not got anywhere near invoice. Here in Southern California, we have at tons of Infiniti dealers within spitting distance, so their pricing as far more competitive. If you dig around my previous Infiniti posts and August Announcements, you’ll notice that David Baker is selling his G37 Journey coupe for a few hundred under invoice. Not bad if you ask me.

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