To commemorate the move to the new web host, which is 100 times faster than the previous host, I decided to give RIDE with G a nice little face lift. The branding stays the same, but the overall navigation gets a cleaner and more organized feel. I’ve been working my head off all week long wrapping up the final touches to the site and testing things to make sure everything worked. I used my food blog as a guinea pig (since it gets far less traffic than this one) so that I could fine-tune the layout and its options. As you all know, I’m a web designer by trade, so I’m always messing around with graphics and things like that. I know I said back in May that I wouldn’t make any changes to the site, but after a few suggestions to “clean up” the menu and navigation, I decided to find a better layout for the site. Hopefully I don’t have to do this again for a LONG LONG time. Haahaa. Anyway, enjoy the site, thanks for keeping the community alive. I’ll keep on doing what I do to help everyone save money on their leases. Oh, one last thing, Jon, thanks for getting back to us about the 2010 A5 lease rates, they do look pretty good compared to the rates we’ve been getting this past year. (see below)

36 month lease w/ 15k per year
MF: .00196
Residual: 56%

24 month lease w/ 15k per year
MF: .00196
Residual: 63%

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    • I recently switched over from Startlogic (the crappiest web hosting in the world) to HostGator, which has been great for the past week I’ve had them. Their chat support was excellent and fixed the problem right away. Highly recommended.

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