The Wall: Jake M’s Mom’s 2010 Toyota Camry LE

Name: Jake M.
Location: Massachusetts
What He’s Got: 2010 Silver Toyota Camry LE (It’s for the mom)
What It Cost: msrp $22850 with (delivery) payment $250 36/12k lease only $250 out of pocket all other fees rolled in, sell price was invoice $$$??? and a few hundred out of their hold back to make the payment what it is.

My Take:Love the super low payment. I know there isn’t a lot of info available, but 1st payment and $250 month is pretty good. For the sake of this post, I’m going to guestimate the payments here.
MSRP 22850, sale 22690 (around invoice), 57% residual, 15k miles, 36-months, 6.25% sales tax, money factor of 0.00078. With inceptions due at signing, we’re looking at around $254. You made out better than that since your inception was just the 1st month payment. I think my calculation’s margin of error might be around 1%-2% or $6-$12 per month. Regardless, good job Jake! I’m sure Mom is very proud!

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Camry LE exterior

Camry LE interior

5 thoughts on “The Wall: Jake M’s Mom’s 2010 Toyota Camry LE

  1. @all
    THANKS G. for posting the camry, you made my mom a 52 year old granma feel like a online rockstar lol.

    • @jake. LOL that’s awesome. She is a rockstar! The Camry is a solid car so she can’t go wrong with it! No worries about the numbers. Your info and my estimate should provide enough info to get a decent ballpark for negotiations. Two thumbs up!

  2. @all
    sorry for the foggy #’s , I was so tired going to dealers with her I mixed up the notes. at least we know toyota is willing to sell @ invoice on their 2010 camry le’s and around $250 payment is easy to get. I hope this info helps someone.

  3. The Camry is the best sedan deal I can find out there right now… Toyota is offering .0004 MF (0.96%) on all Camry’s plus $500 dealer incetive. I am about to sign on XLE V6 w/Navi MSRP 31,879, price 28,488, residual $18,923; 36mo/15k first payment at signing $330 – including tax.

    I’m in Texas and I know Toyota’s deals are regional – worth looking into…

    • @JN. pretty good deal on the Camry! It is true the Camry is a good deal right now, but the whole gas pedal getting stuck thing is kind of freaking me out. LOL

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