What’s Going On – August 2009

UPDATE 3: The email forms are still offline. If you have any questions, please use the forums for the time being.  Dealerplace contact forms are also affected by this, so please just pick up the phone and call them if you need to get a quote. Don’t worry, they don’t bite. LOL. The emailing does not affect comments or forum signups so there shouldn’t be any problems using the site and making comments.

UPDATE 2: Forum registration is back online. Email notifications are up and running. Still working on the email forms.

UPDATE: The migration went through without any major issues. Business as usual. Correction, the email forms are offline. Will work on the problem tomorrow (it’s been a long day). I’ll be taking the email forms OFFLINE until further notice. I will be addressing all the remaining questions in the posts and in the forums tomorrow. Hopefully I didn’t lose any of your questions and/or comments.

What’s Going On or WGO, is going to be an informational series of posts relating RIDE with G, which includes site news, developments and so on. This series will effectively replace the monthly announcements I post at the beginning of each month.

RIDE with G is moving…to a new hosting company.

I’ve have begun making preparations to move the site to a new web host. The current web hosting company, Startlogic, was cheap and for good reason. Latency problems has been an ongoing issue and I had enough. I’ve been working all week in preparation of making the transition to a new web host.  The good news is that site should run much faster than before. The bad news is that it’s going to cost me twice as much to host it.

The migration of the site should occur overnight to avoid data loss. I would advice against posting any questions or comments (on the blog and on the forum) after 8PM PST (11PM EST) to prevent them getting lost in the shuffle. I have not decide on the date, it could happen tonight or over the weekend. Just as a rule of thumb, try not to post anything after 8PM PST until I complete the migration.

I know I have some pending questions in the Forum that I need to answer since Sunday. Please hang in there. I will get to it once the migration is complete. RIDE with G is basically a one-man show when it comes down to the technical aspect of the website, so your patience is appreciated.

In other unrelated news…

The G is out of the shop

I’m getting my G37 back from the body shop today. I had a the bumper cover and grille replaced because the car suffered some damage last year. I opted for the Sport Bumper (a $30 difference), so the car will look a bit different than before. Will take pics and post them afterwards.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On – August 2009

    • @B. Yeah i love the speed. I still have to figure out the emailing. Apparently contact forms and post notifications aren’t being sent out, so I’ve had to disable the forum signups until I get that sorted out. Overall, still 1000% times better than the previous host.
      Oh I got my car back and they messed up. They put the non-sport bumper and yet they charged me for the sports bumper. Figures. I gotta go back to the body shop to get a refund. I don’t mind keeping the base bumper, but I certainly do no want to pay for the sport and get the base one. Its not a lot of money, but its all about the principal.

  1. damn, thats crap. hard to find good repair/body shops. u need me to look at the emailing? might be an smtp setting

    • yeah, i hate having to go back and show him my paperwork and stuff. drag.
      well i think the email is working, but the forms plugin is not, so i’ll reconfigure it. if it doesn’t work, i may call upon you 😀

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