2009 Infiniti G37 Lease Rates – September 2009

logo_infinitiMy Take: This is a partial list of September lease rates for the G37. Still working on confirming the rest of the numbers, so hang in there. In any case, there’s been some changes to the sedan’s numbers this month, with the residual value dropping a few percentage points. IFS dropped the money factor as well, so your payments shouldn’t be around the same as last month. If you are shopping for a G37 this month, keep an eye on this post because there could be more updates coming later.

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2009 Infiniti G37

2009 Infiniti G37 Base Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00109 base money factor

2009 Infiniti G37 Journey Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00109 base money factor
39-month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00130 base money factor

2009 Infiniti G37 Sport Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00109 base money factor
39-month | 15k miles | residual 53% | .00130 base money factor

2009 Infiniti G37X Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00123 base money factor
39-month | 15k miles | residual 55% | .00141 base money factor
48-month | 15k miles | residual 47% | .00157 base money factor

37 thoughts on “2009 Infiniti G37 Lease Rates – September 2009

  1. G,

    I am at a crossroads, the Audi A5 is looking real good. I was going to pull the trigger on the G37x but I am not sure anymore. Since its the end of the 09 MY I think I might do better on a 09 G than an 2010 A5. Any thoughts?


    • @ashe. A 2010 A5 will still cost you more than a 09 G37x in my opinion. Despite the significant drop in price for the A5 (due to the 2.0T engine) I’m hearing $100-$150 more a month compared to a similarly equipped G37x. Personally, I am a “dollar-n-cents” kind of person. I find a crop of cars I wouldn’t mind leasing and I try to see which one I can cut the best deal on. My pocket dictates what I drive basically. I wouldn’t pay $100+ per month just to get into an A5 because it looks better. Don’t get me wrong, the A5 is gorgeous, but it comes at a premium (specially since its a 2010 model).

  2. G,

    I agree with you that its not worth the extra $ for the A5. I have to get the final numbers on the G37x. I was quoted around “$550ish” with inceptions down ($1400). I think I might be able to arm twist as the month comes to a close and bring it down a little more.


    • @ashe. I think you can do better than $550ish with 1400 due. LO, who posted in the August post got it for 1800 due and 552 after taxes. This is in Hawaii, where there’s a nice $3k markup on the vehicle. Then again, he did get the loyalty cash of $1000, but still he had a huge markup on his price. You got the whole month of Sept to see what can be done, so hopefully you can work something out with your dealer.

    • @ashe. if you can payoff the car quickly or get a really low APR along with the cash, I would also suggest buying it. Just make sure you keep the car at least 6 years.

  3. G,

    I know this a leasing forum but here is the info:
    So if you can get a dealer to dig into the invoice and then add the $2500 you should be able to get a really good deal.

    0.0% APR Term: 24 months
    0.0% APR Term: 36 months
    1.9% APR Term: 48 months
    1.9% APR Term: 60 months
    3.9% APR Term: 72 months

    Restrictions $2500 Dealer cash may not be combined with 0.00% APR – 3.90 % APR and vehicle must be financed through the manufacturer’s captive finance company.

  4. G,

    Sedan Prem and Nav,

    530.92/month 39 months
    1800 down

    You don’t get 2500 and the special APR on the purchase.

  5. I’ve been following you for a few months now, and now finally my Nissan lease goes back next month. I’m looking to get into a G37S Coupe, and I was wondering if you have the latest rates?
    I live in New York state and my goal is to secure a G37S coupe with Navigation for around $400.00 Mo x 39 Mo, with no more than 2K down. I have tier 1 credit. Do you think that is a realistic goal?

    Thank you!

    • @marc. That isn’t going to happen. I spent about $1300 down and I pay about $424 a month on a 08 G37 Base model with a much lower price tag. Last year lease rates were better than this year too. A more realistic expectation would be mid-high $400s after tax.

  6. @ Marc,

    I dont think you can even come close to $400. On the coupe you are looking closer to at around $550.

  7. Okay, thank you both.
    I was curious because many local dealerships are offering lease special on the g37x coupe, 3,999 down at $399. mo x 39 mo. MSRP 42,500. I have 2 problems with that though, 4K down is too high for a lease, and I want the 6-Speed.

    G, do you think the lease rates will get better in October?
    I’ll keep everyone updated as I talk to different dealerships, and consult here before I pull the trigger on anything.

    • @mike. dealer says they’ve changed, but isn’t being helpful beyond that. Its like asking for their first born….Regardless, the residual values have dropped, but they lowered the MF to compensate. I’ll keep looking for the coupe numbers though, hopefully they turn up.

  8. G,

    Do you recommend multiple security deposits as a means to bring down the cost of the lease?

    I have narrowed down the options and the dealer has 3 of them in stock. Going to fill out the credit app this week to lock in this months rate and wait until beginning of Oct to see what those rates are.


    • @ashe. that is correct. if the MF is near .002, I usually recommend MSDs to bring down the cost of the lease in the long run. There really aren’t that many investments out there that offer very high returns, so using it bring down the MF makes sense.

  9. G,
    Posted on the August G37 rate – getting a car in Hawaii @ a not terribly amazing rate. Over the weekend some idiot smacked into my current Infiniti just days away from me handing it over and picking up my new G37 (9/25). Thankfully its a lease and the dealership is still hanging with the deal….

    • @LO. wow, that totally sucks! good thing it wasn’t a deal breaker for the dealer though. Glad you where able to stick with the deal. For some weird reason, I’ve noticed G37 leases being pretty decent around summer time. Maybe next summer will be good for the 2010s.

  10. G,

    Here’s the deal I was offered today…

    G37x Coupe Prem/Nav
    MSRP – 45095
    Selling Price – 41385 (invoice)
    Acq Fee – 595
    Doc Fee – 195
    Cap Cost (was having a tough time getting this from him)
    The “assummed cap cost” I came up with = 42175
    MF – .00207
    Residual – 61%
    36 month/15k year
    Tax at 6.075%
    Monthly payment quoted from dealer – $597
    Monthly payment I came up with – $585
    First month down plus license/reg fee.

    I kept asking, is there anything else in this lease (cap cost) outside of doc fee and acq fee? He said no…but there seems to be roughly $375 more somewhere in there? I don’t think my math is bad, I had my spreadsheet on my iPhone right in front of him. The only thing I can think of is a fee to get the car I wanted from KC to STL, but he never mentioned that…

    What do you think?

    • @mike. you correct, I’m looking at around the same amount missing. Outside of the usual inception fees (1st month, bank, doc, dmv), there is a state tire tax which is normally under $10. You also have to pay sales taxes on inception fees (except license/reg). Some dealerships who participate in regional advertising also have advertising fees, which have all sorts of different names. This fee however, is uncommon for Infiniti. Now it is very likely that he’s charging you a transportation fee for the car since you are getting it from another city. In the past Infiniti would do this as a courtesy, but that may have changed. Regardless, maybe what you need to do is not roll any fees into your lease. Your MF is kinda high anyway, so it is better to pay off all the bank/doc fees upfront. That way, the sale price IS the cap cost and if its any different during the paper signing process, you can ask for an explanation. This will also mean that you can have the dealer itemize the inception fees more clearly. Remember, do not sign unless you understand where everything is going.

  11. I am working with two separate Infiniti dealers in Western New York, and this is the best I was quoted so far:

    G37S Coupe/Premium, 41,000 Cap, 2K 39 Months, 3000 down, 447.13 including 8% tax.

    To include Nav, the price jumps to 517 a month, with 3000 down.
    Should I ask if they are willing to negotiate closer to invoice, or should I accept the decent deal?

  12. After some re-negotiating today I was able to come up with better figures:

    G37S Coupe
    3000 Down|12K Miles|39 Months| 450.00/Month

    Whichever dealer gets back to me first with the color I want gets my business. I feel this is a good deal.

    • @marc. You are paying around $500 over invoice right now. Not bad, but I did better last year when the market was better than it is now. It wouldn’t hurt you too much to go with it, but I think there’s another $500 you can save, at least.

  13. G37x Coupe Prem
    $17xx down (inceptions)
    12k miles a year

    $559 for 15k miles

    G37x Sedan
    $17xx.00 Down (inceptions)
    12k miles a year

    $519.xx for 15k miles.

    • @ashe. How much do you drive? If you think you’ll do a lot of driving, go for the 15k. The coupe is probably costing you about $1200-$1300 more over the course of the lease. Price wise, I prefer the sedan on a 12k lease, that’s assuming tax is included.

  14. im from brooklyn im getting the g37AWD coupe with premium and navi its going to cost me 515 a mth +bank and dmv fee they say the bank fee after tax is 645 and dmv is roughly 250 What do you guys think?

  15. Is this possible? Too good to be true?

    G37x Coupe Prem.
    MSRP: $42,625
    Selling Price: #38961
    $1200 down (bank fee and such)
    $486.00 per month 39 months.

    I am not sure its a legit deal and I don’t want to drive almost 2 hours to pick up if its fake.

    • @ashe. inception fees on the G37 is WAY MORE than just $1200. Try $1500, maybe more if your dealer fees are high than other states. I can’t really double check the numbers without MF and residual. Overall, the dealer is doing about $200 under invoice on this deal, not bad. What you need to do is have the dealer disclose the MF and residual and the standard inception fees. Then you can do your own calculation. You’ll be able to tell if it’s real once you plug those numbers into the lease calculator.

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