What’s Going On – September 2009

Special Thanks to Jake & Family

I’d like to thank Jake and family for sending me a $50 gift card to Olive Garden last week. That was really nice treat for us, THANK YOU! I’ve very happy to have been able to help your family save money with this site! I hope to keep doing so everyone in the long run for sure.

P.S. We didn’t load up on bread sticks and soup/salad! LOL.

RIDE with G, iPhone Ready

I installed a plugin that allows the blog to load up faster on iPhones. It cuts out the ads and pictures and formats all the content into an elegant iPhone interface. This should make “on-the-go” lease rate research a bit easier and faster while you are at the dealership confronting your dealer about why his/her MF is inflated. Haahaa. Good stuff.


Dealerplace is starting to feel like a failed experiment so I will be discontinuing it in the near future. This doesn’t have anything to do with the dealers themselves, I would personally buy or lease a car with any of them. It’s just that  I think  there  isn’t enough activity over at the Dealerplace to justify a separate site for it.

6 thoughts on “What’s Going On – September 2009

  1. Nice update, I used to serve at an Olive Garden when I was in my early college years… dont miss that. Anyways, I’ll check out the new content on my iPhone and give you some feedback.

    • @marc. thanks. olive garden takes me back to my college years where I would order the cheapest lunch on the menu and load up on soup/breadsticks then take the entree home. Haahaa. Two meals for about $10 bucks. Cheaper than most lunches here.
      I’m definitely liking the iPhone interface for the site. Loads so much faster.

  2. G:

    Stand up move by Jake, but you really do provide everyone here with such valuable information. This is one of the best websites I’ve ever found while aimlessly searching the web.

    I was wondering if you could look for numbers on the 2010 Acura TL’s. Now that they put the manual transmission in there, I’m interested enough to overlook its beak. Plus the picture you put up of the dark gray TL w/ the black nose made a dramatic difference.


    • @mikeo. I haven’t seen the 2010 TL numbers yet, I’ll see what I can do for October, they might start turning up. since I think 09 inventory is still plentiful. I’ll see what i can dig up for you in the coming weeks.

  3. Been looking at deals on swapalease for new leases. There are 4-5 leasing companies in NYC and 2 in michigan that have very attractive zero down leases. Does anyone have any experience with these dudes and are they legitimate business concerns?

    • @DZ. I haven’t use swapalease before so I can’t say much about their legitimacy. I will say this though, make sure it is a close-end deal. Last year, there was a rash of open-ended leases that were SUPER cheap. Open-ended leases force you to buy the car at the end of the lease for a pretty substantial price, so be careful with that.

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