2009 Acura TL, MDX Lease Rates – October 2009

logo_acuraMy Take: Alright peeps. This has been both a slow month and a busy month for me. Slow meaning that a lot of the lease rates were had to find. Busy because I’ve been out of town a lot and occupied with “life” issues and finding time for some “R&R”. Nevertheless, I spend these last couple days digging and digging all over the place to find some rates and I’ve found some! So get ready for a flood of lease rates in the next 24 hrs. For those who think I’m not checking the forum’s requests page, think again. I do and I will say this. Don’t bother asking for cars like the Land Rover because their lease rates are bad probably 11 months out of 12. We’re talking 8-9% interest rates here, so don’t bother. Ditto on most brands related to American manufacturers. I do on occasion keep and eye out for some American brands that may have good lease support, but those are going to be spotty. Anyway, this post is about my take on the TL so let me get to that. The numbers remain unchanged from September, which is pretty decent. I added the SH-AWD with Tech into the mix for those shopping for the AWD model. The numbers look decent plus there is $2500 in dealer cash that you can combine with the lease rates listed below. I’m telling you. This is NOT a bad month to snag a TL if you dig the looks. 2010s are out, so this is effectively a fire sale. Shoot for invoice plus the dealer cash for a $2500 under invoice sale price. To get the best bang for the buck, shoot for the Base TL (unless you really need the navi and all the Technological goodness).

For the MDX, there is $2000 dealer cash available, but I don’t think that cash can save this lease to be honest. The dealer would have to dip below invoice THEN add the dealer cash. Then maybe, just maybe, you can get a good lease out of this.

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2010 Acura TL

2009 Acura TL Sedan
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00188 base money factor

2009 Acura TL Sedan Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 51% | .00188 base money factor

2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 54% | .00188 base money factor

2009 Acura MDX

2009 Acura MDX
36-month | 15k miles | residual 48% | .00162 base money factor

2009 Acura MDX Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 45% | .00162 base money factor

2009 Acura MDX Tech w/RES
36-month | 15k miles | residual 45% | .00162 base money factor

5 thoughts on “2009 Acura TL, MDX Lease Rates – October 2009

  1. hello G.

    to keep simple numbers and math, if i am getting under $389/month after all incentives/cash and negotiating on price, WITH taxes included for a $35,915 MSRP TL on a 36 month lease with no money down, is that a good deal?

    • @greg. If that $389+tax? or $389 after tax? If its $389+tax with nothing due at signing (not the same as “no money down”)., then yes. solid deal. If its $389 after tax with nothing due at signing you should be in the car already. 🙂

  2. The $2500 dealer cash is on the TL FWD tech model. All SH AWD tech models have a $2000 dealer incentive, the FWD base has a $1500, and the SH AWD non tech has a dealer cash of $1000.

    The MDX has $2000 on all models.

  3. Greg,

    He man where can you get that deal? $389/mo including tax for a 36/mo lease w/ no money down is an amazing deal. It’s probably for 10k/mi year right? I need 15k/mi a year which lowers the Residual. Please let me know as I’m in the market and trying to work a deal now! Thanks

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