2010 Jaguar FX Lease Rates – December 2009

logo_jagMy Take: How rare is this? I actually found a Jag lease rate worth posting? Well, sort of. I wouldn’t say it’s WORTH posting, but its certainly MUCH lower than I ever expected. Just be careful with Jags, Quality Isn’t Job One, anymore (not that Ford was doing a great job to begin with. Haahaa).

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2010 Jaguar XF

2010 Jaguar XF Premium
36-month | 15k miles | residual 51% | .00196 base money factor

4 thoughts on “2010 Jaguar FX Lease Rates – December 2009

  1. Good looking on getting the rate for the Jag XF. I went to look at a jag xf. Which was about 58000 for the better faster, zeon model. They wanted 820 a month for that car. I got them down to 720. But I didn’t think its worth it. It’s a nice car, but I’m not paying 700 a month for that. Maybe mid 5’s

    • @danny. I don’t really think mid $550 with tax is possibly with the Jag. That would be a phenomenal deal for sure, but they would have to take a pretty huge hit financially to make that happen. The residual value is fairly low on this car, so I don’t think it will happen in all honesty.

  2. No posting on Jaguar XF? Jaguar’s running a special on the XF 2010…I’ve been looking to get into one, not sure if its a deal or not…thoughts???

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