2010 VW GTI Lease Rates – December 2009

logo_vwMy Take: VW is waiving the 1st month payment, so I think the GTI is a pretty good deal right now. A well equipped model around $29,089 MSRP that is sold at invoice, should have payments of around $370 per month with your inception fees due at signing (minus the 1st month payment). With tax (depending on your county, you should expect around $400 per month). If you cut back on the options, you should a high-$300s monthly payment. I’m not sure what the 2-door version’s residual value is, but I would expect it to be a few percentage points higher than the 4-door.

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2010 VW GTI

2010 VW GTI 4-Door Hatchback
36-month | 15k miles | residual 52% | .00130 base money factor

6 thoughts on “2010 VW GTI Lease Rates – December 2009

  1. I’m looking at a fully loaded, 4-dr GTI w/DSG next month. Some say giving up the M5 is nuts, but I won’t be missing the fill-the-tank-every-6-days routine 🙂


    • @john. Haahaa. I would be nice to have a lower monthly payment I’m sure. Wow, feels like you just got that M5 too. Time flies.

  2. G,
    How long do you think this “first month payment waived” promo is lasting? And what fees exactly are included when leasing with VW? I just wanted a reference so I dont get screwed with fees at the dealer.

    • @carlo23. I think it will last until january 4th. If there’s a good promotion going on, I always recommend people to jump at it instead of waiting. There’s definitely some risk involved, but when rate is already really low, it just makes sense to pull the trigger.
      As for the fees. You should expect your bank fee, dmv, some county fees, state fees. My guess is that will be around $1000 or less since your 1st month is being waived. Have the dealer break it down though. Also make sure the lease has GAP and check what the disposition fee is. Thats what you will be paying at lease termination if you don’t re-lease a VW.

  3. @John heh, you must not drive much, as I have a 28mpg car and fill up about twice a week 🙂 Can’t wait to get my 4-door GTI.. i’m going for 6MT as opposed to DSG though.

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