VW Auto Show Promo. Send as a text. Get an iPod touch

Southern Californian’s who attended the Auto Show may or may not have noticed the current VW promotion that lasts through December 13th (this coming Sunday). It is as simple as it sounds. You send a text VW, then lease a new 2009 or 2010 VW before Dec 13th, 2009 and you will get a iPod Touch 1-2 weeks after you take delivery.

Here are the details:

Text LAAUTO to VWCARS (892277) and receive a complimentary iPod touch when you purchase or lease a new 2009 or 2010 Volkswagen.

You can’t see much of the fine print on this, but it essentially talks about the period of this offer (til the 13th); Standard messaging fees apply; Only at participating So Cal VW Dealers; Apple is not sponsoring this promotion; And lastly, expect the iPod around 1 to 2 weeks after taking delivery of the vehicle.

Here is are blow up of the add that was stuck to the a 2010 CC’s door. And yes, that is my reflection on the door. LOL.


11 thoughts on “VW Auto Show Promo. Send as a text. Get an iPod touch

  1. G — speaking of VW, why haven’t you and Mrs.G checked out the GTI. The reviews are great all around. If you don’t get too excited over options — lease rates seem decent. I’m going to seat test one soon. Cheek-worthiness trumps road-worthiness from my perspective. VW is notorious for ultra firm seat bolsters — need a bit of room for the eaves. DZ

    • @DZ. Haahaa, you’re the 2nd person to ask me that this week. Back in 07, we checked out the GTI and the wife simply didn’t like it. We test drove the 2door, so that would probably be the reason. Still, she’s not very attracted to the hatchbacks, so when we went to the autoshow, i pointed her to the GTI and she was like “nah…” Its a shame too, cuz I really like the 2010 GTI. I find that she’s more into sedans and sports cars. But due to her commute, she knows a sport car is impractical. So she wants something that’s rides smooth and comfortable due to her commute. (25 miles each way). She really liked the Hyundai Genesis Sedan. I have to say, that car is PLUSH! Personally, I’m targeting the GTI as my 3rd car. Haahaa. I know I’m greedy, but I’ve always dreamed of having a ride I could toy with on weekends and I feel like the GTI is priced reasonably and there’s enough of an aftermarket scene that makes it appealing. Of course, I would probably just buy the car instead of lease it. That way I can mess with it. Haahaa.

  2. G, trying to get my iPod, even though I’m on the East cost 🙂 Will see what happens. Have your wife check out CC, she might really like it.

    • @ursus! excellent let me know how it goes!!! yes, the wife and i did check out the CC, she was lukewarm about the looks at first, but thought the car to be fairly practical and well appointed. She didn’t like the seats however, but I think she needs to drive it then decide. It’s got what she needs plus its fits in her price range. I’ll update you guys one her new “requirements” on the next update.

  3. Would have to feel real lucky the day I purchased a euro-ride. Don’t want to be out of warranty. I suppose there would be a market if I sold it after 3 years. Wonder if the numbers would be favorable vs leasing? GTI’s are always desirable — who knows — selling can be a pain but if wholesale beats the projected payoff then might realize a grand or two from the dealer.

    • you are on to something DZ. with today’s “lower residuals”, I think it is very possible to realize some profit 3 years later because the payoff could very well be lower than the trade-in, private sale or wholesale price.

  4. Did some preliminary numbers on the sign and drive. Using your rv and mf it looks like they just hide it in the the payment. No free anything.

    • @dz. Haahaa. Alright. I’ll keep it hush-hush. LOL.
      @Warren. She thought it was a bit small. but due to the great MPG, I think she is considering it. I don’t expect it to cost too much either and like you said, the gas savings probably justify it. I think since the TDI is torquey, she might like it once she drives it. In the styling dept, it got a lukewarm reception. I feel the same way about the GTI and the Cooper. I do want to test drive the GTI as well, maybe I can sway the wife into getting the 4-door. Hehe.

  5. G, What does the wife think about the possibility of a Jetta TDI? I looked at one awhile back and they are nicely equipped and would be great for your wife’s commute given the fuel economy with the TDI diesel. A lot of people may overlook how much $$ they’ll save on gas with a car like this. I ran some side by side comparisons on fueleconomy.gov and the fuel savings per year can be substantial. When calculated on a per month basis, it can be equally impressive, especially with a lot of city driving. I hear you on the 2010 GTI–I love them too–so much so, I may get one when the MINI lease is up next year. I’d go so far to say I like the 2010 GTI better than a Cooper S from an engineering perspective (but not styling), but shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that. You can bet I’ll be test driving a GTI next year when lease return time comes around.

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