The Wall: MWGuy’s 2010 BMW 135i

Name: MWGuy
Location: Indiana
What He’s Got: 2010 Space Gray Metallic BMW 135i, equipped with Premium Package, Sport Package, Cold Weather Package, iPod, Steptronic Auto Transmission w/ Paddle Shifters. Gray Boston Leather, Gray Poplar Wood Trim.
What It Cost: Here are the intimate details of the deal…

Terms – 15K / 36 month / Residual 59% / MF .00200

MSRP = $44,170.00 (Invoice $40,680.00)
Cap Cost = $42,228.51 – $1,500 holiday cash = $40,728.51
Int/Dep = 541.03
Lease Payment (7% sales tax) = $578.90

Due at signing
1st payment = $578.90
Security Deposit = $600
Acquisition Fee = $725
Doc Fee = $150
Sales Tax = $105 (7% on Holiday Cash)
Cap Reduction = $141.10
Total = $2300

(I had already paid a $1,000 cash deposit and had $1,300 in trade equity)

My Take: The monthly payments are about 1.22% of the MSRP, which is equal to “GOOD” rating on my book. What I feel makes this deal solid is the fact that MWGuy didn’t get hammered with excessive fees, such as the MACO, Training and a “fluffled up” Acquisition fee (which some folks have gotten hit with in the past). Two thumbs up!

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4 thoughts on “The Wall: MWGuy’s 2010 BMW 135i

  1. Hey G — Just wanted to ask about your lease rating formula. 1.22% is only good. What are the %’s for great to good. Do you just take the msrp and exclude taxes/inception fees and security deposits?
    Thanks DZ

    • @DZ. The best deals would be below 1% of the MSRP, without taking into consideration the taxes and deposits and inception fees (because they vary from state to state). For the majority of the cars out there, the inception fees are somewhere in the $1000-$1500 ballpark, so it isn’t too big of a deal. The only one I take issue with are MBs. Their bank fee is freaking insane, specially when some dealers bump it up to $1095. The rating system is a tool to give you an idea as to how good the actual payments are relative to the overall price of the car.

  2. @G, did I ever tell you my deal with my now history (and missed) 07′ Volvo S80 sport? 0.9% of MSRP. It was $401 + tax for 24 months, for a car with MSRP $44,500.

    Those deals are long gone 🙁 That was such a great car.

    • @zamo. wow that’s pretty dang good for a 44k car. specially for such a short term. those deals are indeed gone though. I think banks have realized how big of hole they dig themselves when they cut deals like that.

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