The Wall: Zamo’s 2010 Volvo XC90 R-Design

Name: Zamo
Location: Florida
What He’s Got: Smoking Red Hot 2010 Volvo XC90 R-Design. Includes 5 years maintenance, 5 years of wear & tear (except tires) and 5 years of roadside assistance
What It Cost: I was asked to keep the details private, so I will just summarize for you guys…

MSRP: 40,350
Term: 48 months
Due at signing: $0 (rolled into the cap cost)
Payment: $565.26 (includes 6% use tax)
RES:34% and MF 0.00113

My Take: If you know how to work that lease calculator, you should be able to figure out the necessary sale price to make this deal happen. Here’s a little extra hint…there were rebates involved (Costco). Hope you didn’t snooze during high school Algebra! Haahaa.

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11 thoughts on “The Wall: Zamo’s 2010 Volvo XC90 R-Design

    • @zamo. yup! I think I’m gonna try to go $0 drive off on my wife’s car and roll it into the lease. I just hope the MF or the Sale price is low enough to make this happen.

  1. Could you at least answer – was the lease through Volvo? The COSTCO reference is throwing me off a bit.
    Oh and – Welcome back G!

  2. US Bank. Volvo Car Finance North America is gone as of November 09.

    There was a Costco Deal (employee pricing minus $500). All incentives are gone as of January 4th.

  3. So you purchased through Costco and then leased through US Bank? I’ve always wondered how I could work a deal everytime I’m walking out of Costco – they always have some kind of vehicle parked inside the exit.

    I take expection to G’s comment that if you know a little algebra we should be able to figure out the selling price of the car. We are missing two pieces of info – MF and residual.

    Nice ride by the way!

    • @greg. Haahaa. Good point. Okay, here’s the residual: 34% and 0.00113. Now you should be able to figure out the sale price necessary to make this happen.

  4. @GregS. The Costco pricing applied for either Purchase or Lease. So whatever is the capitalized cost for a lease might have been the purchase price for the loan.

    The good thing about this lease, both residual and MF are low. I might be tempted to payoff the car at maturity and keep it.

    Additional hint, I had $1,500 Volvo loyalty.

  5. Zamo,

    I have not looked in to it but can you get leasing through Costco (through US Bank)? Or did you have to go to US Bank on your own?

    • I believe you have to go to a dealer that’s part of Costco’s program in order to get the perks. I remember being asked by some dealers if I had a Costco or AAA card (in order to qualify me for some rebates and special pricing).

  6. @GregS. The only thing that Costco does is arrange a preset pricing with the dealer. It is up to the dealer to choose any funding source for the transaction. In the case of Volvo, the only bank that provided a good leasing program for the brand in December was US Bank.

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