2010 Acura TSX Lease Rates – February

logo_acuraMy Take: So my wife wanted me to call Jerry Ede about leasing a 2010 TSX base model again. Certainly not her first choice, but she’s trying to get the best deal right now between all of the cars she wouldn’t mind driving. At first, she didn’t want to drive another Acura because she wanted something different. We are deciding between the Jetta Wolfsburg, Tiguan S, CR-V LX, Toyota Prius and to an extent, the G37. But the G37 payments came out to be a bit higher than she’d like to pay, so it’s pretty much out of the running. I’m not saying it was a bad deal, because it was phenomenal (see more on the G37). The issue was that it was beyond her targetted monthly payment of $370 with tax and little to no drive-off.

At first glance, a TSX with a MSRP $30,120 and a invoice of $28,169 as your sale price, your payments would be around $360 plus tax with all fees due at signing. Now there’s a $500 dealer cash available for all 4-cyl non-tech models, so I would personally shoot for $500 below invoice PLUS maybe 1% of that holdback, or another $300, making it a $800 below invoice price. That would yield payments around $336+tax with all fees due at signing. Looks okay, but I’m not seeing too much of a difference from December since the higher MF is practically eating away at the $500 cash.

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2010 Acura TSX

2010 Acura TSX Base
36-month | 15k miles | residual 59% | .00189 base money factor

2010 Acura TSX with Tech
36-month | 15k miles | residual 56% | .00189 base money factor

8 thoughts on “2010 Acura TSX Lease Rates – February

  1. G, get a VW CC Sport for around $335/month with everything included and with only first month + registration at signing 😉

    • @ursus. I would, if there were any available in So Cal. I literally cannot find one right now. Two of my closest dealers only have 2 Luxurys and that’s it. That doesn’t look good because the more limited the availability, the less likely I would be able to negotiate it down to invoice or less. Those of you who get into it late last year and last month are VERY lucky.

      @Ron. I haven’t seen the V6s yet, but I wouldn’t get too excited, since the $1500 rebate expired in Jan, the TSX V6 probably doesn’t look all that great. I’ll keep looking to see if they pop up, but I dunno, something is in the water here in SoCal this month. I have requested about 10 car quotes and only gotten three. two of them coming from the same dealer. So weird.

  2. Wow. Maybe we get preferential treatment because VW has it’s headquarters in my area 🙂 Just checked websites of two dealers nearby. One has 5 and the other has 7. But probably a couple of them are demos and a few are 2010 *Ltd Avail* from last year. Overstock cars shows it can be had in my area for ~$700 under invoice. And with $1,500 lease cash it makes it a sweeter deal than the one I got.

    • stop tempting me ursus. lol seriously though, I think the reason we have a shortage of CCs is because of the rebate.

  3. G, Do you have residual and money factor for 2010 Acura TSX Base for 36 months with just 10,000 miles/yr? Trying to hunt down a black exterior and black interior model and want to get the best deal.

    Also, do you know what the above looks like for 39 or 48 months? Thanks a lot.

    • the residual for 10k is 3% more than the 15k. Historically, the 48-month term has a significantly higher money factor, so I do not recommend paying that kind of interest. You can roll back to the previous months to see how much more the MF is compared to the 36-month term. As for 39-month term, my dealer tells me its NOT a good idea because it only benefits the bank. I tend to agree with that as well. 36-month leases already push it when it comes to wear-n-tear of tires. At 36, you probably will have to replace at least 2 tires if you haven’t been rotating them on every oil change. Then you gotta pay 1 year of registration (if you live in places like CA where registration is yearly) and only get to drive the car 3-months. That pretty much makes anything above a 36-month lease a bad idea. I went and got on a 39-month to “save a few bucks”, but in the end, I don’t think I saved much of anything.

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